Jun 23 2021

Reminder…Registration Tags Due June 30th

All Washington State boat registration tags are due June 30th.   During the first week of July, the Department of Licensing (DOL) will upgrade its driver, vehicle, and vessel licensing system. Most online and in-person services will be unavailable during the update.  Get more details here….

Renew your boat registration by June 30 or risk being stranded in early July

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Jun 13 2021

4th of July fireworks by boat

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The 4th is only a couple weeks away and falls on a Sunday.  This means people will have a long weekend to get away from the dock and cruise locally. Some popular displays to see by boat are:

Poulsbo   (on July 3rd) currently still cancelled but keep checking their site, as more and more venues are opening up.  The homes around Liberty Bay and maybe the Casino will have their shows


Quartermaster Harbor-Vashon Island (private sponsored show over inner harbor – here is a 2016 video), there is no confirmation that this show is still on

Lake Union-Seattle

Tacoma Waterfront

Everett Waterfront

Des Moines waterfront…still cancelled

Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor  …this site states that they will have fireworks


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Jun 09 2021

WA360 Paddle/Peddle/Sail race around Puget Sound

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….with no motors allowed!  This race started this past Monday and has a 2 week time limit.  It was created in lieu of the Race to Alaska that has been so popular the last couple years (but temp cancelled till Canada opens).

This is 360 miles around the sound, Port Townsend, Olympia, Bellingham, Point Roberts and back to PT.  Read more and follow the boats here…

Follow WA360 | Northwest Maritime Center (nwmaritime.org)

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Jun 05 2021

World Oceans Day

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June 8th is World Oceans Day, reminding us that we all need to do our part to reduce the plastic we use and to always practice good environmental stewardship!  As boaters, the ocean is our backyard, and our playground and just like we wouldn’t want to see plastic bottles and trash while hiking in the woods, we don’t want to have it in our waters, either.

Responsible Environmental Suggestions

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Jun 02 2021


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Monday another vehicle in the Shilshole parking lot got burglarized and had it`s catalytic converter stolen. We are under siege. The port has options available to combat this scourge but has not taken them.
Nor will they until we the tenants make it uncomfortable for the commissioners and the staff. One option is to salt the parking lot with the cars most targeted by catalytic converter thieves. Equip those cars with silent alarms connected to receivers in the Ports security vehicles.
The other option is to file claims against the Ports insurance carrier. The price we pay for moorage implicitly includes security for our personal property. Make the price of ignoring security for our vehicles expensive enough for the port and they will take steps to control they’re cost.
I will welcome other suggestions to this forum. Thanks. Dan Kruzich.

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