Aug 18 2019

Security on your dock…

It’s summer and we’ve had a lot of new boats on the dock-either subletting or new tenants.  As liveaboard residents it is incumbent upon us to “know our neighbors”. When you see someone “new” on the dock…be it guests of a neighbor or new tenants, introduce yourself, ask them “how you can help them?”, “who are you looking for?”.

Some will say the name of the boat and owner they are visiting…go ahead and make small talk which will show you are friendly and aware of their presence.  Some will say they are new…welcome them to the dock!  Some will get defensive (they probably tailgated through the gate) and say they are “just looking”.  Kindly say to them that we are a community down here and that we watch out for our neighbors, and that they need to check in with the office before coming onto the docks-whether doing maintenance or looking at boats for sale.

If you have any concerns about someone unknown on the dock, immediately call the marina cell number (206-601-4089) and security will be there within minutes to take over.

Be aware.  Ask questions. Your neighbors will thank you!


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Aug 06 2019

National Night Out-Shilshole

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A big thank you to the Port of Seattle Police for their 17th annual National Night Out BBQ this evening.  It was a chance to mingle with the officers and their K9 companions, and the perfect weather and great food made for a fun family evening on the Plaza.  And, thank you to the Marina Staff for organizing all of this!

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Jul 21 2019

Hit and Run Boating Collisions in Marinas

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“if you see something, say something”

We have all seen the boaters that, due to their lack of experience, wind conditions or their flippant attitude of “they just don’t give a sh…t”, crash their boats into the neighbors while maneuvering in the the marina and then leave the scene of the accident.  Well… in the state of Washington, hit and run penalties can be…

  • “a class B felony can result in a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $20,000 fine; a class C felony can result in a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine.”

Obviously, we would all do our best to help that boater out of their predicament and if it’s a “no harm, no foul”, all the better but, if it’s something worse (boats are hit, damage is done to the dock), it is something we should all be concerned with.

If you have the fore-site to capture the accident on video or picture, please contact the Port office immediately!  The Port Police, Seattle Police and the US Coast Guard all have jurisdiction over accidents in Shilshole Marina and pictures are invaluable when it comes to holding that boater responsible for insurance or legal reasons.

Thanks for being a part of our community!

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Jul 19 2019

West Point Treatment Plant dumps raw sewage into Sound

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A Seattle City Light power surge and outage that affected more than 10,000 customers in Seattle led to a brief emergency bypass at the West Point Treatment Plant early Friday morning, July 19.

The power disruption caused pumping throughout the wastewater treatment plant to shut down. Workers acted swiftly to prevent flooding in the plant by sending an estimated 3 million gallons of storm water mixed with wastewater into Puget Sound through an emergency outfall pipe for 27 minutes, and normal operations were quickly restored.

Friday’s Sewage Dump into Sound

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Jul 15 2019

Selling crab pots and accessories

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New Items for Sale
1. Red/White Float and 100 ft yellow floating line in black mesh bag $15
2. Red/White Float and pole $25
Used Items for Sale
1. Square Crab Pot (2) $75 each (Red/White Float with over 100 ft of leaded line, Bait Box, 10 to 15% rust)
2. Square Crab Pot (1) $30 Trusty Rusty (50% rust), rusty but will last a few more seasons, Red/White Float with over 100 ft of leaded line, Bait Box
3. ~20 Pound Anchor $35
Contact L. Norman at, 206 683-3252, Priced to sell

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