Nov 28 2020

Restrooms and Laundry are open on Monday!

Finally!  After a 15 yr delay from when this project was first scheduled, and then we had the multiple CoVid delays this summer, we will now have new restrooms, showers and laundry!  Thank you Port of Seattle!

Marina email 11-25-20

Our laundry facilities will be scheduled to open 10am on Monday, November 30th ! The facilities will accept payment by credit card through the PayRange app.

Visit the website:

to download the PayRange app on your phone today.

For FAQs and app assistance click here.

Please contact PayRange for troubleshooting the app or payment questions: or 1-855-856-6398


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Nov 25 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. wishes you all a very safe,  joyous and thankful day!  With the challenges and stress of this past year, this is a perfect time to reflect on how lucky we are to have each other, and our incredible liveaboard lifestyle!

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Nov 23 2020

Seaview Ave. is now 25 mph!

Just a reminder-watch your speed!  Seaview Ave. (that runs from Golden Gardens to the Ballard Locks has now been posted as 25 mph as part of the City’s speed reduction of all streets.   Also changed to 25 mph is 32nd Ave on Sunset Hill from Red Mill Burgers to 85th.

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Nov 21 2020

Security Phone Numbers

These numbers are posted on each gate and everyone should have these in their phone.  Please save this image to your phone or take a picture of the one on the gates.  There is also a link on the right side of this page.  And, as always, if you see something, say something!  

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Nov 14 2020

Some helpful reminders…

  • The Port has a great haz-mat recycling program! Used oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid goes in tank near restroom; used batteries, gasoline, and antifreeze/coolant go to Hazmat Box down near Seaview Boatyard (south end)
  • Garbage goes in the green waste container, all recycling goes in the yellow containers.
  • Please put your donated “junk” (items you no longer need but don’t want to toss) near the dumpster and not at the gate, so more people can see them.
  • Remind your guests and crew to park near the street in Guest Parking. The Port is towing all vehicles that are parked in Permit Parking that don’t have a current year permit.
  • Please control your dogs (by your side or on a leash at all times) and please clean up after them! (the Seattle Leash Law is in effect on the docks, too)
  • To avoid smash and grab car break-ins, do not leave items visible in your car.
  • There have been prowlers on the docks and the waterways so please lock your boat, dinghy, etc and please call the Port’s cell phone, 601-4089, if you see anything/anyone suspicious.

Thank you for making this a great place to live and moor!

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