Feb 15 2019

Seaview Temporary Stoplight and Construction

By now you may have seen/been stopped by the temporary light  near the railroad bridge.  This is necessary to allow heavy equipment on the roadway to complete the emergency sewer connection to Magnolia.  In 2017, the pipe broke under the ship canal and leaked raw sewage into the canal.  sewage spill and repair.

Road detour and repairs should take about 2 months.

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Feb 10 2019

Enjoying the Snow

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Feb 07 2019

Major Snow Event and your Neighbors

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Good morning, neighbors…as you know, we have a major snow event coming this weekend and sticking around through next week. The accumulation predictions have been from 7-12 inches. As we are all aware, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of: Be careful walking the docks, and don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors for help. Check in on those that you don’t see regularly or have limited mobility.  Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Use common sense with your space heaters and don’t use extension cords with them! Shut off your water heater breaker when running the electric heaters. Make sure CO and smoke detectors batteries are in good shape. Stay warm and dry.

You have today and tomorrow morning to make final preparations.
• Make sure you have enough food to last the week+
• Top off your water tanks while the hoses are defrosted
• Top off your diesel
• Check/clean your space heaters
• Add extra dock lines and secure your tarps for the possible high winds that are predicted again
• When it warms up and starts to melt, make sure your scuppers are clear to drain
• Top off your car gas tank in case you get stuck out driving, and have water, snacks, blankets and boots in the car


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Feb 04 2019

SLA Board Meeting change of location

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February 5, 2019  7-8:30 pm at Jibe Cafe.  Our thanks to Roland and Geraldine Rodriguez for providing an place for our monthly meeting at the last minute.

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Feb 02 2019

Construction Fencing at Golden Gardens

According to the construction notices on site and the MyBallard news, construction will take place for the next 3 months to improve accessibility in the bathhouse, parking lot and paths at the park.  Please read more here

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