Apr 08 2017

Boat sinks, 2 others damaged in blaze last night

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Most of you heard the 1/2 hour of sirens from the fire response and have probably already walked down to M dock to see the damage.  When we have more details, we will publish.

…no other details (like cause, who reported it, etc) are available at this time (Sat 5:34pm)

  • Reminder..whenever you hear many sirens, tune into VHF ch 71, introduce yourself and listen for updates. (VMan meets on Monday evenings at 8pm on Ch71 to hear the latest marina security issues and to help you get familiar with your radio.)
  • As always, please first call 911 if you ever see a fire in the marina. Never cut loose the boat on fire, as it could drift into other boats and start additional fires and clog the waterway for the fireboats. But, if you can safely move nearby boats away from the fire, do so.  Also, the fire hoses on the dock need to be fully extended before they can be filled with water.

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  1. Hightideon 12 Apr 2017 at 11:20 am

    Another great information tool to have bookmarked on your phone is the ” Seattle Fire Real-Time ” website. Also listed under: www2.seattle.gov

    Whenever I hear sirens nearby I can immediately click on my bookmark and view the date and time of a call, location address, type of emergency response, and which emergency units were dispatched.


    C Dock Captain

  2. Kristen Sierraon 12 Apr 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Thanks to Tom, Dave and you Phil for taking the lead on keeping things
    working smoothly. Shilshole is prepared.