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Mar 16 2018

Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc (SLA) annual board meeting

If you are an authorized Liveaboard at Shilshole Marina, you are invited to attend our annual Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. meeting, Tues., April 3rd, 7-8 pm at the CYC clubhouse.

Topics covered will be the recent Liveaboard Agreement with the Port, potential parking lot design, Shilshole Prepares (emergency prep for our Shilshole community), and the election of new board members.  This is your opportunity to participate in your liveaboard community.

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Mar 05 2018

Boat and Dock Security

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It can’t be stressed enough,…PLEASE don’t let anyone through the gate that you don’t recognize.  Ask them:  Who they are visiting? What boat? If they belong here they will appreciate your observation.  If they don’t, they will challenge you and make a fuss.  So what!  Politely direct them to the Marina Office for access.  This is your home and neighborhood and you have a duty to help keep it safe.

Just this last Thursday, a burglar was caught on surveillance video ransacking a boat at Fisherman’s Terminal.  Lock your boat. Secure your valuables. Watch out for your fellow boaters.

Thanks Kristen for the update you shared on V-Man Monday night!

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Mar 05 2018

Renewing Your Vessel Documentation

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If your boat is documented with the US Dept of Homeland Security, (NVDC-National Vessel Documentation Center), then you have received, in the past, a notice approximately 45 days prior to your documentation expiration.  The fee is $26 for a 1 yr renewal and can be done completely online.

Last year, several boaters, myself included, got a letter from a company (there are several) soliciting renewal prior Continue Reading »

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Mar 04 2018

Bus Service meeting Mar 22nd

There’s a meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm in the Sunset Room of Sunset West Condos. One or two trip planners from Metro will be there plus Jeanne Kohls-Wells & John Fowler. We have collected over 100 signatures from marina folks (thanks to Dockside Solutions & Seattle Sailing Club).

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Feb 25 2018

Sign a Petition for Bus Service at Shilshole

With limited parking in the marina and on the street during busy weekends; with high school kids having to walk 1.2 miles to the nearest bus stop in the dark in winter months; and with the city’s growing congestion and expense for parking-more people would like to downsize a vehicle and/or ride a bus if they could get to where they need to go without using a car!

Here’s your chance to show Metro that there is indeed interest for bus service here at Shilshole!  Please stop by Dockside Solutions in the Marina Office building to sign a petition for bus service.

See this previous post for more information…

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