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Jul 31 2020

Anchoring Etiquette

Here is a great article by Andy Cross published in July’s 48°North Magazine

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Jul 29 2020

Parking Issues at Shilshole

As we know, the parking has been a mess here at Shilshole.  With the Mayor’s continued closure of the Golden Gardens parking lot and Golden Gardens Drive, the overflow has adversely affected us here in the marina.  The marina manager, Jo, and operations supv., Dale, have added extra security at the north end, have closed off several entrances and are working hard to finalize the ticketing and towing of illegally parked vehicles in our lot.  Unfortunately, it is delayed at the Port of Seattle main office and needs our input to facilitate the approval.  Here is the contact info of the Port of Seattle Commissioners.

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Jul 14 2020

Canada/US border to remain closed

US and Canadian officials have extended the border closure for an additional 30 days to August 21st.

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Jul 10 2020

Partial Opening of Golden Gardens Parking

Seattle Parks have announced the opening of the south parking lot at Golden Gardens Park. This should help alleviate the terrible overflow that we have experience in both the marina lot and on the street.  read more here:

Golden Gardens Drive (the road up the hill) needs to be opened up as soon as possible as it is a key evacuation route from the marina in case of fire or earthquake.  Please contact SDOT at to let them know your concerns.  Thank you!

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Jul 02 2020

Sublease Slip

I’m subleasing my 36′ live-aboard slip in Shilshole Bay Marina from August 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021.  If you’re interested in subleasing it, email me at

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