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Mar 10 2020

San Juans for the spring or summer – slip swap?

Interested in a slip swap for some San Juan cruising this spring or summer? A day sail to anywhere in the San Juans and the Gulf Islands.

No ferry, drive to Anacortes (Skyline Marina … 45min closer to the Islands than Cap Sante/ downtown Anacortes)

Owned slip in Skyline Marina with permanent Nomar fenders. Max 36′ total length. Private marina with gated access, great showers and facilities. Next to Washington Park and near the ferry terminal.

Text 206 605-3333

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Aug 25 2019

Summer Cruising Draws to a Close…

Welcome back and hope you all had a great summer!

Please tell us about your travels…what worked, what didn’t, where to go, what to avoid.   There are lots of new boat owners in our marina that are dreaming of places to go and things to do!  Everyone that has been out this summer has stories to tell.

Did you cruise South Sound or head north to the San Juan’s/Gulf Islands/Desolation Sound?  Was the Canadian fire smoke an issue for you? …and how would you avoid it next year?  Was water difficult to find?  How about cell coverage?  Tips for clearing Customs?  Share your thoughts and helpful internet links that will encourage others to get out and use their boat!

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Aug 01 2018

Manzanita Bay, Bainbridge Island

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A beautiful harbor with easy anchorage and often overlooked as one hurries to Poulsbo, Manzanita Bay is just to port after the bridge as you go through Agate Pass.  You can go back to the quiet end of the bay or, as we like to do, stay out at the mouth for the sunsets.  Though there is no formal beach or dock for the boating public, there are a couple street ends (public right of way) that will get you onto the island for walking or biking the trails and nearby parks.


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Jul 26 2018

Adrift paddleboards, kayaks wasting the Coast Guard’s time, money

“In the month of July, search and rescue crews responded to an average of one unmanned-adrift paddlecraft in the Puget Sound region every day,” according to the Coast Guard. Read the article here on…


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Apr 10 2018

Puget Sound is now a No-Discharge Zone

Effective May 10th , 2018, Puget Sound has now been declared a No-Discharge Zone.

It has been illegal since the 1972 Clean Water Act to discharge untreated sewage (black water) into coastal waters.  Over the years, there have been a couple ways for boaters to legally treat raw sewage before discharging, but most boaters contain all their sewage in a holding tank (Type III) and utilize a pumpout station.

Now, all sewage must be contained and be pumped at a pumpout station.  If your boat has a toilet on board, you are required to have a marine sanitation device (MSD).  For further details, please see the Dept of Ecology’s site.

Gray water (sinks/showers) discharge is still allowed.

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