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Aug 01 2016

Marine Fuel Prices around Puget Sound

There are several sites that post the current prices of fuel in the Puget Sound area. Here are a couple…..

Fuel Prices around Puget Sound-NWboatinfo

Fuel Prices around Puget Sound-ActiveCaptain

Most marinas sell ethanol free gas (better for your outboards, generators). Some marinas have shallow water access at low tide-sailboats beware.  Many also have pumpout stations. Call the marinas for verification of these.

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Mar 20 2016

Have you had a Vessel Safety Check?

It will…

  • Give you more peace of mind, knowing you have working equipment.
  • Help you avoid substantial safety standard equipment-related fines if you are boarded by law enforcement.
  • Potentially lower your vessel insurance rates. Check with your agent.

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free boat inspections.  Spring is a good time to review the checklist and then schedule an inspection, before they get busy…. and it may help make any Coast Guard boarding this summer go smoother!

Vessel Safety Checklist


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Mar 12 2016

WA Boater’s Education Card

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Boaters in Washington need to have their Washington State Boater Education Card with them when operating a boat 15 horsepower or greater. Boat operators born before January 1,1955 are exempt but may choose to get a card if they plan to boat in Canada or Oregon since both require mandatory education.

There are several ways to take the exam, but probably the most convenient is The BoatUS online course.  It’s free and you can proceed at your own pace.


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