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Aug 17 2021

Rules and Regs at Shilshole

We have many new tenants here at Shilshole and thus, many questions regarding waste oil disposal, batteries, subleasing, parking, etc.  Answers to these questions can always be found on the “More Info…” tab at the top of this page.  Please take the time to read each of the Port of Seattle documents as they will answer many of your questions.  Thanks.

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Aug 10 2021

Algae Blooms

What’s that in the water? A large patch of orange, brown, or green in the Puget Sound is likely to be a “bloom,” or gathering of marine algae or plankton. These are types of water plants and animals.

Dept of Ecology

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May 13 2021

Parking lot disruption

Beginning next week, the Port will be painting/striping the section of parking lot just south of the admin building and north of the new M3 restroom, and they have put up signage to be out by Sunday the 16th.  This means all those cars from that area will likely be parking to the south (closer to the old M2 restroom and in front of E/D docks), making available parking very scarce.

Make sure your 2021 parking sticker is in your window as the Port will be ticketing and may tow any improperly parked vehicles.  Any concerns should be directed to the Marina’s 24/7 cell phone 206-601-4089.

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Apr 29 2021

Opening Day “perk”

Shilshole Bay Marina is offering free coffee to it’s customers in celebration of Opening Day of Boating Season, Saturday, May 1st…

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Feb 13 2021

Snow Event

Saturday morning’s snow…

A big “thank you” to the Port for using the snow blowers to clear the docks during the day and having snow shovels available to check out!

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