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Mar 01 2020

Shilshole VHF Radio Net

V-Man and Kids V-Man
(Vessel Mutual Assistance Network)

The VHF radio is an important safety item on board any boat and here at Shilshole, we also use it as a form of communication in times of emergency and/or critical events.

We have a weekly VHF radio net to help us get better acquainted with our marine radios, learn radio protocol (manners) and to get to know our neighbors.

The Net has a monitor (net controller), Sheri. She will explain what to do and when to do it. (You may want to just listen in the first time). The Port of Seattle Police and Marina Security also check in to give us an update on any marina issues.

Please join us for V-Man on VHF Channel 71 every Monday night at 8pm. No experience is required and all Shilshole tenants are welcome.

An hour earlier (7pm) on VHF 71, is the Kids V-Man check-in for all the boats that have children on board. It is an opportunity for them to get used to the radio and connect with other kids in the marina!  Parents-please help your kids participate.

For more emergency preparation ideas, please visit:

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Feb 14 2020

Restroom/Laundry Construction Update 2-14-20

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Feb 08 2020

Port/Dock Captain Meeting Notes

Last Wed, was the first quarter Dock Captains meeting with the Port. It’s our opportunity to hear the latest updates from the Port regarding security, construction, proposed changes, and any other issues concerning Shilshole Marina.

Notes from Port-Dock Captain Mtg 2-5-20

Port of Seattle Police Shilshole Incident Reports 2-3-20


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Feb 07 2020

Restroom/Laundry Construction Update

Here is the Port’s latest construction update…

Construction Update 07FEB20

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Jan 25 2020

Restroom/Laundry Construction Update

Here is the latest update from the Port on the construction…

Customer Service Facility Construction Update 24JAN20

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