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Jun 13 2022

4th of July fireworks by boat

The 4th is only a couple weeks away and falls on a Monday.  This means people will have a long weekend to get away from the dock and cruise locally. Some popular displays to see by boat are:

(editor’s note:  at the time of this posting, there were very few details available on proposed shows due to the disruptions of the past 2 years, thus the info from previous years shows)

Poulsbo   this year’s show is cancelled, and future shows currently do not have a sponsor Poulsbo’s Third of July celebration canceled; focus now on Viking Fest (

The homes around Liberty Bay and the Casino will have their own shows


Quartermaster Harbor-Vashon Island (private sponsored show over inner harbor – here is a 2016 video), there is no confirmation that this show is still on, and this is the first year that the King County Council has banned fireworks in King County, so a lot of unknown

Lake Union-Seattle

Tacoma Waterfront

Everett Waterfront

Des Moines waterfront

Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor


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May 07 2022

Have you ever been sailboat racing?

Many boaters at Shilshole race their own boats or crew for others. There are major (all day) races almost every weekend during the spring and fall and more relaxed (1-2 hour) races during the summer.  If you have never tried racing, you are missing out on a great way to improve your sailing skills; which will greatly enhance your cruising -you’ll sail more efficiently,  sail faster and do less motoring.

We have a couple local clubs that give you an opportunity, with no experience or cost as crew, to get out on the water and work as a team. It’s as simple as showing up on time, having warm dry clothes and lifejacket, listening to the skipper and the more experienced crew, and showing an interest. It’s not a party; its a fun, competitive team sport.

Check out their web sites for how to get involved…

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Apr 25 2022

Opening Day

The first of May is generally considered the opening of boating season in Puget Sound.  The weather warms and dreams of getting out on the water come to fruition.

The Seattle Yacht Club has a hosted an opening day event since 1913. The University of Washington hosts a rowing regatta in the Montlake Cut in the morning with a parade of decorated boats going through in the afternoon.   It is great family fun to watch from shore or from your boat moored along the parade route.

This year it will be held on Saturday, May 7th. Get details here…Opening Day – Seattle Yacht Club

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Apr 18 2022

Earth Day -April 22nd

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide on April 22, to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  As boaters, with our close relationship to the water and its environs, this a great opportunity to review our boating habits and work with our neighbors to ensure that we all can enjoy cleaner water and air!

Some things to consider:

  • Keep your boat engine tuned up and operating properly to reduce smoke and oil discharge
  • Use environmentally safe soaps for cleaning the decks
  • Use tarps and vacuums to keep boat maintenance debris out of the water
  • Switch from zinc to aluminum anodes for your prop shaft/hull
  • Report all diesel spills immediately to the office so they can quickly be contained
  • Use the marina provided Haz Mat containers for old oil, gas, batteries, and coolant disposal
  • Keep your car tuned up and fix oil leaks so they don’t make their way from the parking lot to the marina waters

History of Earth Day

Shilshole Required Best Management Practices and Flare Disposal

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Jan 26 2022

Sewage Spill in Eagle Harbor

Yet, another sewage spill in Eagle Harbor! Second this month! Many boaters visit Eagle Harbor, with their pets.   The Kitsap Public Health District has issued a no-contact advisory for the Eagle Harbor and Wing Point areas as a result of the spill.

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