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Aug 27 2020

Looking to buy live aboard sailboat this January

Hello aquatic folk!

My name is Mandy. I’m a sailor, musician, and Marine Affairs and Geology university student. I will be moving out to Seattle for graduate school this January and am looking for a sailboat to live on with my golden retriever, she is very used to living on boats and loves being on the water! Looking for a 27-32ft sailboat, sturdy enough for open ocean passages, with a transferable live aboard slip.

I thought this blog would be a great place to start (please correct me if I’m posting in the wrong place) as Shilshole Bay would be my ideal marina due to the strong community and sustainability values, as well as easy access to the Puget Sound and UW.

If anyone is looking to sell this winter or has any leads, please let me know. Advice is appreciated. Thanks in Advance. 🙂

Admin note:  Shilshole has a wait list for new liveaboards…it does not transfer with the boat. Contact the marina office for details.  Email:      Phone: 206-787-3006

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Aug 11 2020

Orcas in Puget Sound

We have the incredible benefit of having these beautiful creatures right here in our own back yard!  With summer boating in high gear, your chance of an encounter with them is pretty good but please, be a good boater and respect the laws regarding distance and speed.  They are in place to protect the orca’s feeding, echolocation and travel.  Many are also pregnant now and their survival rates are low.

Washington State Law

  • Boats to stay 300 yards from Southern Resident orcas or killer whales on either side.
  • Boats to stay 400 yards out of Southern Resident orca’s path/in front and behind the whales
  • Boats to go slow (<7 knots) within ½ mile of Southern Resident orcas
  • Disengage engines if whales appear within 300 yards.

Boats to stay 100 yards from all other marine mammals (e.g. humpback whales, gray whales, sea lions and seals).

You’ve seen the flyers on the gates and at boat ramps:  Be Whale Wise outlines the rules and no-boat zones.

You can also report sightings and get information at the Orca Network.

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Jul 29 2020

Parking Issues at Shilshole

As we know, the parking has been a mess here at Shilshole.  With the Mayor’s continued closure of the Golden Gardens parking lot and Golden Gardens Drive, the overflow has adversely affected us here in the marina.  The marina manager, Jo, and operations supv., Dale, have added extra security at the north end, have closed off several entrances and are working hard to finalize the ticketing and towing of illegally parked vehicles in our lot.  Unfortunately, it is delayed at the Port of Seattle main office and needs our input to facilitate the approval.  Here is the contact info of the Port of Seattle Commissioners.

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Jul 10 2020

Partial Opening of Golden Gardens Parking

Seattle Parks have announced the opening of the south parking lot at Golden Gardens Park. This should help alleviate the terrible overflow that we have experience in both the marina lot and on the street.  read more here:

Golden Gardens Drive (the road up the hill) needs to be opened up as soon as possible as it is a key evacuation route from the marina in case of fire or earthquake.  Please contact SDOT at to let them know your concerns.  Thank you!

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Jun 30 2020

Golden Gardens Drive Evacuation Route

As you know, Golden Gardens Drive up the hill from the park is closed 24/7 until further notice  due to Mayor Durkan’s Safe Streets Initiative.  That is fine for upland neighborhoods that have access on all sides of their homes, but for those of us here at Shilshole and the Sunset West Condos, plus all the visitors to the park; Golden Garden’s Drive is an essential route of escape in case of any local emergency/disaster like a marina fire, a train derailment or earthquake/tsunami/landslide.

We need to get this road re-opened.  Please express your concerns to the Seattle Dept. of Transportation at

…and check out emergency prep at Shilshole Prepares

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