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Nov 17 2019

Argosy Christmas Ships Near Shilshole

Sunday, December 1 | 1:30 – 4:15 pm
(Location Change: Now departing Pier 55)
Departure: Pier 55
Choir: The Dickens Carolers
1st Performance: West Point Lighthouse @ 2:10 pm
2nd Performance: Blue Ridge Beach Park @ 2:55 pm (P)

Sunday, December 1 | 6:30 – 9:30 pm
(Location Change: Now departing Pier 55)
Departure: Pier 55
Choir: Emerald City Voices
1st Performance: Carkeek Park @ 7:30 pm
2nd Performance: Golden Gardens Park @ 8:10 pm

Argosy schedule

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Nov 09 2019

Getting your Captain’s License

In the boating world, when someone says they are a “captain”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have some Napoleon complex on their boat and like to wear white visors caps that say “Captain” (although those people do exist).

It generally means that they have undergone complex studies and a rigorous exam to earn the title.  With an OUPV or “6-Pack”, you can legally take paying passengers out on a boat.  You can deliver boats for the owners or brokers. It may reduce your insurance rate, and carries weight when chartering.

You see the ads everywhere for local classes.  They are held in classrooms, online or by personal study…all to fit your schedule.  Winter is a good time to consider this as the boat is usually tucked away.  Here are couple local organizations but also check out the marine stores, yacht brokers, and boating magazines and the January Boat Show for references and schedules…

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Oct 11 2019

Ballard Locks large chamber to close for repairs

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The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks large chamber will close to all vessel traffic 6:30 a.m. October 12, for the first of four scheduled extended closures to begin replacing the chamber’s filling culvert valves.

It will remain closed for up to 53 days, with a scheduled reopening December 3. That’s a month longer than the typical November annual maintenance closure two to three week time frame. The small chamber will remain open during this time and vessels up to 28-feet wide by 123-feet long are able to use it.


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Sep 23 2019

Meet the District 6 (Ballard) Candidates

Do you have a question for Heidi Wills and Dan Strauss? The Ballard District Council is prepping for the Oct 2 candidates forum and wants to know what are the key questions for District 6 priorities.

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Sep 17 2019

Golden Gardens-Ballard Bus Shuttle

Metro is seeking feedback through an online survey regarding bus/shuttle service next summer between Seaview Ave and Ballard.  Read more here

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