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Jul 12 2019

How to build Shilshole Community

 Turn off your TV and get outside
Know your neighbors
Look up when you are walking
Greet people
Sit on your dock box
Play together
Buy from local merchants
Share what you have
Help a lost pet
Take children to the park
Garden together
Support neighborhood schools
Fix it even if you didn’t break it
Have potlucks
Honor elders
Pick up litter
Read stories aloud
Dance in the street
Talk to the marina staff
Listen to the birds and the sea lions
Help carry something heavy
Barter for your goods
Start a tradition
Ask a question
Hire young people for odd jobs
Organize a dock party
Bake extra and share
Ask for help when you need it
Open your shades
Sing together
Share your skills
Take back the night
Turn up the music
Turn down the music
Listen before you react to anger
Mediate a conflict
Seek to understand
Learn from new and uncomfortable angles
Know that no one is silent, though many are not heard

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Jun 27 2019

Golden Gardens beach closed after sewer overflow

Seattle’s Golden Gardens Beach is closed to swimmers until further notice after a sewer overflow at the north end of the park. read more here

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Jun 21 2019

4th of July fireworks by boat

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The 4th is only a couple weeks away and falls on Thursday.  This means people will have a long weekend to get away from the dock and cruise locally. Some popular displays to see by boat are:

Poulsbo   (on July 3rd)

Eagle Harbor-Bainbridge Is

Quartermaster Harbor-Vashon Island (private sponsored show over inner harbor – here is a 2016 video)

Lake Union-Seattle

Tacoma Waterfront

Everett Waterfront

Des Moines waterfront

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Jun 18 2019

Candidates forum synopsis…

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If you can find it of any benefit here is a synopsis of my opinion about candidates running for city council position number six.The criteria I used to evaluate District 6 candidates currently running was of their position on the sugar tax and the plastic bag ban. Continue Reading »

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Jun 09 2019

City Council Candidates Forum-Nordic Museum

Wed, June 12th, 7pm

Here’s your chance to interact with community members and hear in person from candidates on a wide range of issues for this important local election. The Seattle City Council primary election is August 6.

Seattle City Council District 6 encompasses the greater Ballard area, as well as Green Lake, Phinney Ridge, Fremont, and part of Greenwood. This panel will cover at-large issues as well as providing focus on Ballard-specific topics.

candidates forum details

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