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Oct 19 2022

Great Washington ShakeOut

October 20 @ 10:17 am – 10:30 am

Most of Washington is prone to earthquakes. You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes: at home, at work, at school or even on vacation.

What we do now will determine our quality of life after our next big earthquake. Are you prepared to survive and recover quickly?

The Great Washington ShakeOut is a statewide opportunity to practice how to be safer during big earthquakes: “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” The ShakeOut has also been organized to encourage you, your community, your school, or your organization to review and update emergency preparedness plans and supplies, and to secure your space in order to prevent damage and injuries.

Note…there may be practice alarms and radio messages at this time.

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Mar 16 2022

Emergency Preparedness at Shilshole

Shilshole Prepares, the emergency preparedness arm of your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc., has just updated their Earthquake Readiness Guide for boaters.  Please take a moment to read through it and think about what you and your family would do when a disaster strikes our marina…

You can always find it, and other resources, under the Shilshole Prepares tab on the front page of this site.

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Dec 23 2021

Snow/Freeze Event

Check out the forecast on

  • If you have permanent water hookup to the dock, please contact the marina office to get a waiver signed so they don’t disconnect you at an inopportune time
  • Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or those with limited mobility and if you need help yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help from either your neighbors or the Port staff at 206-601-4089.
  • Be careful with space heaters-don’t use them with extension cords! Turn off your water heater breaker at night so you can have more amps and won’t blow your main breaker.
  • Be careful walking the docks-stay in the middle.
  • Snow shovels are available to check out at the office.
  • Be patient with the Pumpout services…if the marina pumps are frozen, they can’t use them either.
  • Keep your water tanks topped off when your hose defrosts.
  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to, but top off your car gas tank in case you get stuck out driving, and have water, snacks, blankets and boots in the car.
  • When it warms up and starts to melt, make sure your scuppers are clear to drain.

Have a fun and safe holiday week!

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Nov 21 2021

Our Boaters Advocate..RBAW

We have an organization here in Washington that was formed in 1957 to support and advocate for the recreational boating community:  RBAW-Recreational Boating Association of Washington.  They first acquired Sucia Island for boaters to prevent it from being commercially developed and they recently helped acquire Lakebay Marina (at Penrose Pt. State Park in South Sound).  They have been instrumental in keeping boater registration fees and taxes affordable.

As you know, the City of Seattle has dramatically cut the Police force and with it, the Harbor Patrol.  These are the officers that are usually first on the scene in the case of a fire or sinking.  Please check out the RBAW site for more details and how you can help.  (a link to RBAW can always be found on the right side of this Blog).

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Mar 12 2021

Get your HAM radio license

Are you headed offshore to Mexico and points beyond with your SSB radio? Or, do you want to be able to communicate in times of emergency?  Now’s the time to get your HAM radio license!  Classes are  held online, are inexpensive and testing is designed for you to learn and pass!

For details on HAM radio, check out the National Assoc. of Amateur Radio:

Sheri, who runs our Monday night VMan check in, took this prep class and had good things to say about it:

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