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Feb 29 2016

Audible Alert System Test a Success!

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Thanks fellow Shilshole boaters!!

We had over 20 vessels participate in the first Audible Alert test held this past Saturday at noon.  Over 20 boats successfully heard one or more horns during the test, with over 10 boats sounding their horns.  This is a great baseline test to see where we go from here.  To help gather more data on the test, we have designed a simple and anonymous survey that we would like all boaters to complete, even if they did not participate in the test. The survey can be found here.

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Feb 27 2016

Audible Alert System

Shilshole Prepares is launching a new Audible Alert System for mass notification of marina residents in time of marina-wide emergency.  This system will be tested the last Saturday of each month at noon beginning with Saturday, February 27th.  For details see the Audible Alert System document.

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Feb 15 2016

Cool Smart Phone App for Earthquake Detection and Warning

Here is another smart phone app for emergency preparedness.  Check out this quick presentation from UC Berkeley Seismology Lab.  I have downloaded it to my Android a few minutes ago.



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Feb 08 2016

What’s Happening with Shilshole Prepares

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Shilshole prepares website has been moved to be part of the Shilshole Blog.

  • The current Shilshole Prepares website was hacked numerous times and we had to completely eliminate the site and the hosting arrfangement.
  • Thanks to Kristen and Phil for re-invigorating the Shilshole Blog site and making it possible to host shilsholeprepares on this site.
  • It can still be reached through although there is no longer any requirement to register or log-in to access information.
  • Anyone can now author articles for the site.

There will be an Audible Alert Protocol test on February 27, 2016 at 12:00. 

  • Purpose: test audible alerting methods in case of an emergency and provide an audible signal to alert boaters to tune in Marine VHF 71, the Shilshole Vessel Mutual Assistance Net (V-MAN).
  • Test duration: less than 10 minutes
  • What will happen: five blasts on a horn will be sent out at 30-second intervals beginning at 12:00 noon and lasting for 3 minutes.
  • Anyone hearing the five-blast signal should
    • Tune to Marine VHF Channel 71 for more information.
    • Send their own five-blast signal on their horn, again at 30-second intervals, so that the audible alert is propagated throughout the marina.
  • Results and comments will be collected and the Audible Alert Protocol will be refined based on the results.

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