Apr 21 2016

City considering metered parking on Seaview..

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Scott Kubly, Seattle Department of Transportation Director, is looking to find more ways to charge for parking in Ballard.  “Riding down Shilshole – we could make a mint on weekends,” he wrote in a note to staff.

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More metered parking? Seattle transportation director is considering it

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One Response to “City considering metered parking on Seaview..”

  1. Kristen Sierraon 24 Apr 2016 at 3:46 pm

    I am appalled at Scott Kubly’s lack of understanding of the real value of Shilshole/Golden Gardens.

    The City of Seattle has the ability and the right to extract all the monies they can for parking on roads within the City limits.

    The City of Seattle is collecting a great deal on the meter/credit card parking all over the City of Seattle. Unfortunately, not all the people can afford the fees. If it is decided that parking fees will be gathered from the users of Shilshole/Golden Gardens; those users will lose one of the last places in the City that they can gather with friends and family at little or not cost to themselves. The park and marina are for the people to enjoy being near the Sound.

    The quality of life in Seattle is going down hill in many ways. Limiting the access to one of the remaining “Free” recreational locations is not the solution. What makes this area worth living in is being chipped away at as it be comes more focused on technology and monetary gain.

    The roads that lead to the Shilshole Marina and Golden Gardens go through the heart of Ballard. These roads need major repair. If the City of Seattle would use the money more efficiently these and other roads could be repaired. They have money, they use it poorly. Giving them more money is foolish.

    In my option, Scott Kubly the Director of Transportation has crossed the line. He has been responsible for one of the largest City of Seattle agencies and fails to deliver at every turn.

    The City of Seattle needs less to collect less money. Effective use of the monies it has collected from the residence of Seattle
    should be its focus.

    Shilshole and Golden Gardens are not a pot of gold to be collected by the City of Seattle. They are a great community resource that should be respected and preserved for the residents of Seattle.