Feb 12 2018

Citywide Emergency Preparedness Drill 4-28-2018

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Coming soon to our city is a drill that will allow us to practice our preparedness skills.  ‘Shilshole Prepares’ hub has been asked by the Kirke Park Hub to drill together at Kirke Park on April 28th.  We have accepted the invitation.  The theme of this drill is ‘Power Outage City Wide’.

The object of this exercise is to practice setting up our communication center: sending and receiving messages/information to the EOC (Emergency Operation Center) downtown in Seattle, organizing our hub to assist our neighbors in a time of a city wide power outage.  There will a number of exercises that you, your family and friends can participate in.

As we get closer to the drill date I will provide additional information.

Shilshole Prepares is the Shilshole Bay Marina/Shilshole Liveaboards Associations Hub for preparedness in case of a natural or other disaster.  Our mission is to provide communications and assistance in a time of crisis.  To this end we have a radio Net called the V-Man (Vessel Mutual Assistance Marine VHF Net) which meets on VHF channel 71 Monday nights at 8 pm.   This Net is designed for vessel to vessel communications.  It allow us an opportunity to practice our radio skills and to make sure our VHF radios are operational.

Being prepared for an emergency is part of good seamanship. Knowing our neighbors and working together in a time of crisis will insure the best possible outcome.

If you are interested in ‘Shilshole Prepares’ activities and programs a good place to start is the V-MAN net on Monday night.  You are always welcome  to give me a call/email.

Kristen Sierra

Shilshole Prepares, Hub Captain

206-890-5756 or amazonred53@gmail.com

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