May 10 2022

Crime Stats for May @ Shilshole Marina

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May crime stats for Shilshole Bay Marina as reported by Port of Seattle Police Officer Shin via the Monday night VMan Net on VHF Ch71 @8PM.

04/26/22 – 05/02/22
*Area checks: 18
No reported incidents this week
There was one incident that wasn’t reported involving an unknown man with an eye-patch who entered a car that was occupied by a woman and her child. He claimed he was looking for his friends. He left when confronted.

05/03/22 – 05/09/22
*Area checks: 15
Total Calls:17
05/07: A dark green Chevy Xpress van parked near B/C dock was prowled. Unknown what was stolen.
05/09: A cargo case was stolen off a motorcycle parked near K Dock.

05/20 – Boat alarm off dock E. Turns out it was a false alarm

05/21 – Disturbance at Dock L slip 6; prior to POSPD arrival the incident was resolved by the Harbor Master. -To elaborate on this a little further- according to a neighbor there was an attempted boat theft. An an older man  had been talking his way onto the dock for several days* and “thought” he had bought the boat. He managed to move the boat to L dock. Apparently no charges were filed by the owner and the man was assessed and let go.05/22 – Vehicle theft of a black Ford 250, which has been stolen for the 3rd time (Vehicle was found by SPD and recovered by the owner 5/23)

05/22 – Vehicle alarm coming form a gray Dodge Durango; false alarm

05/25 – Disturbance off Dock N with a subject acting erratically and being irate with other customers in the area. However, the subject was gone on arrival  prior to units arrival.

05/28 – Minor boat accident (unknown exact location). Report was taken.

*Apologies in advance but I’m jumping on my soapbox for a minute. The boat theft from M dock is a prime (and sad) example of why you shouldn’t let people on the dock that you don’t know. Someone can “look” completely fine and be up to no good. It’s not your responsibility to determine someone’s motives for gaining access to the dock. If you let them in you’re basically giving them access to ALL of your neighbors boats. Let your guests know they should never “ghost” in behind someone as it puts that person in the awkward position of passing judgement. If someone you don’t know needs access to the dock politely tell them they can either wait for their contact or go to the port office to request access. If someone presses the matter or makes you feel uncomfortable call the Shilshole 24 hour line.

Also, if someone is providing a service on your boat, be sure they know it’s NOT ok to walk the docks to solicit more work. We had a detailer who was working on G dock walking around on F dock soliciting work. If they’d like to promote their service they can talk to the marina office and possibly put a card up on the bulletin board by the office.

We need to look out for each other.

As always, tenants are encouraged to stay vigilant & report ANY suspicious activity to the Port of Seattle Police. **Please remember, IF AN INCIDENT ISN’T REPORTED it’s like IT NEVER OCCURRED. If you want to see better security at Shilshole PLEASE report everything and contribute to the stats. The numbers speak volumes.

Emergencies in general call 911
Incidents on Port Property: 206-787-5401 or 911 and ask for the Port Police
The following numbers should be in your speed dial and easily accessible.
Port of Seattle Police Direct Line: 206-787-5401
Port of Seattle Police Non-emergency: 206-787-3490
Shilshole Marina Night Security/24 hr: 206-601-4089
**Please call Port Police first when witnessing an incident**
*Area checks are when officers self dispatch to an area to make sure nothing is going on and provide a presence.

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