Dec 22 2020

Do you know what to do when this happens?

It’s Christmastime-a time for peace, family, and good feelings.  But, unfortunately, life can get in the way-we’ve spent 9 months with the CoVid and now we have this reminder…

This just happened today (Tues Dec 22nd) Train carrying crude oil derails, catches fire in Whatcom County (

We have tracks right next to the marina with 50+ trains per day and a big curve at Golden Gardens.  Very long oil and coal trains transit our neighborhood. These wont go away as this is a major corridor of commerce, but…

Area you prepared?  Can you leave your slip on a moments notice?  Do your children know the procedure?  We’ve talked about this for years on this Blog with Shilshole Prepares and it is why we do our prep, our V-Man communication, and have regular discussion about this.

Put it on your list to discuss with your family in the new year.

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