Jun 18 2019

Candidates forum synopsis…

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If you can find it of any benefit here is a synopsis of my opinion about candidates running for city council position number six.The criteria I used to evaluate District 6 candidates currently running was of their position on the sugar tax and the plastic bag ban. The soda tax disproportionately impacts the poor, is a symptom of the “nanny state”, and has become a slush fund for other expenditures. Plastic bags use half the energy to produce than paper bags and are more durable and can be multi-use. I’m in favor of repealing both. Mike O’Brien indicated he will not be seeking re-election. I reached out to the candidates to poll them on those issues. Jay Fathi Promises firm public safety. Imprecise otherwise. Endorsed by Seattle establishment. Uninspiring. Questioned about soda tax and plastic bag ban, no reply. Sergio Garcia Seattle police officer. Emigrant from Honduras. Espouses diversion and assistance for homelessness. More transparency in investment. Wants more public transportation. Respect for public spaces. Opposed to high rises. Wants cottages and ADU housing. No e-mail address, couldn’t ask about soda tax or bag ban. Lon Lisbin PO Box 9100, Sea. 98109. Forceful. Deplores current city council. Wants our public spaces back. Will provide bridge housing and navigation teams. More investment in behavioral health (more beds). Supports joint city, county response to homelessness. In favor of diversion services. Wants return of community services officers. Favors increased pay for police & fire personal. Supports mandatory medical assisted treatment. Against unauthorized encampments. Supports “housing first” model. Favors impact fees on developers for housing and schools. Suggest staggered commutes, recommends per mile driving tax & variable tax through congested zones. Supports soda tax and plastic bag ban. I won’t be supporting him. Terry Rice Against assault weapons, 50 caliber rifles, and large capacity magazines. Supports increased density. For more mass transit. Supports zero emissions by 2050. Probably supports compensation for native Americans. Increased property tax relief for elderly. Wants city wide free internet. Will consider abolishing soda tax but for plastic bag ban. Dan Strauss Worked for city of Seattle & Washington state legislature. Worked for Senator David Frockt. Against gun proliferation. Now works for Sally Bagshaw. Appears to be a inside-the-beltway establishment insider. E-mail not available, can’t question about soda tax or bag ban. Heidi Willis Fined $1500.00 in 2003 for violation city ethics for not disclosing meeting with a strip club owner and then voting in favor of a zoning change favorable to the club owner. Took campaign donation (thousands). Seattle Times, 3/1/2019. I believe in the power of redemption and I would trust Heidi walking my dog (if I had one) but otherwise we don’t need another untrustworthy politician. No where in her campaign literature does she address the ethics violation issue. Didn’t approach about the soda tax or the paper bag ban as I will not be voting for her anyway. Joey Massa Joey@massaforprogress.com. Vague on particular issues. He says we should either repeal the soda tax or apply it to all high sugar beverages. He supports the plastic bag ban. I told him I would oppose his candidacy. Kara Ceriella No information available. Kate Martin Katemartin@putkateonthecouncil.org. “conservative progressive”. For early childhood investment. Says real estate investment trust are corrupt. Promotes incentives for homeowners to increase affordable housing. Advocates making the city of Seattle self-ensured endured health care pool open to everyone who livets and works in Seattle. Asked about soda tax and bag ban 6/13. Jeremy Cook Jeremy@cookforcouncil.com. Would like to repeal the soda tax and the 5 cent per bag tax/fee. He feels they are regressive and unnecessary. I will support him. Ed Pottharst Seattle PI says he’s a candidate for King County Council. Melissa Hall Malissa@hall4six.com. Favors ADU and DADU legislation. Wants “availability pledge” a building project approval requirement. Will promote licensing requirement for property managers. Wants a end to sweeps. Will seek a pre-eviction program for tenants of economic evictions. Wants law for meeting needs of all users of right of ways. (All likely to raise rents) Supports municipal broadband. Asked about soda and bag ban on 6/13. Please be sure to vote. THANK YOU. Dan Kruzich.

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