Sep 06 2016

It’s Your Liveaboard Community-get involved!

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Shilshole Marina has about 700+ individuals living on their boats, making it one of the largest liveaboard communities on the West Coast!  It is a unique and treasured way of life, but there are government agencies looking to regulate our use of our recreational boats. Over the years, there have been many challenges to the Liveaboard Lifestyle (see Washington Liveaboard Assoc ).

Your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc (SLA) represents all Liveaboards at Shilshole.  We are liaisons between the Port of Seattle/Shilshole Marina and all liveaboards in the marina.  Our goal is to have clear and consistent communication with the Port; to represent the liveaboards at Port meetings; to organize activities and events that enhance the liveaboard family lifestyle; and to negotiate any agreements that the Port/Marina propose.

There are several ways to get involved….

  1. consider joining the board and being part of the discussion/process
  2. attend the Ballard District Council Meetings and add your voice (the SLA holds a permanent seat on our Ballard Council)
  3. participate in the “Deck Your Hulls” and “Marina Days” events
  4. attend the Dock Captain/Port quarterly meetings (all tenants are always welcome). Next one is Sept 13, 6pm, at CYC clubhouse V-dock
  5. attend the Marina Restroom/Laundry/Parking update meetings-watch for notices on the gates and on this site
  6. and…simply read/post/comment on this blog on a regular basis

thanks for giving it some thought…


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