Nov 10 2015

Board of Directors

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The Board meets the first Tues of each month (except July and Aug), 7-8:30 pm at the Shilshole Board Room and Shilshole Liveaboards are welcome to attend.  If you are interested in becoming involved with your liveaboard association board…please contact us through one of the members below, the marina office, or your Dock Captain- who’s info is posted at your gate…

The Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc’s Annual Meeting is held in early spring-watch for posting on the docks and here on the blog.  All Shilshole liveaboards are encouraged to attend.

Board of Directors, as of  4-10-18

  • Brianne Wojtesta-President
  • Ned Kohlhauff-VP
  • Phil Sommer-Sec/Treas, Shilshole Blog
  • Kristen Sierra-Communications, Shilshole Prepares
  • Dave Regula-Dock Captain Program
  • John Walsh-Ballard District Council (BDC) Rep.
  • Don Aupperle-Ballard District Council President
  • Richard Meeks
  • Dan Kruzich
  • Shauna Walgren-Parking/Open Space Study
  • Sheryl Wytychak-Bus Service to Shilshole
  • Jess Pavlin-Environmental, Earth Day at Shilshole
  • Arnold Amenda
  • Jessica McKercher
  • Harold Rowan
  • Al Hughes-board member at-large, historian


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