Jun 21 2018

Dock Captain Program

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The Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. manages the Port of Seattle’s Dock Captain Program at Shilshole.  Every dock with liveaboards in our marina has a person that has been designated “Dock Captain” who is a liaison between the Port of Seattle/Marina and his/her dock mates.  They attend quarterly meetings with the Port/Marina to share issues on their docks and to relate the Port’s news back to their docks.  They must know the rules and regulations of the Marina so they can provide a source of education to their fellow boaters regarding Required Best Management Practices like garbage/recycling/hazmat disposal,  boat washing/repair and pier cleanliness.

All dock captains are now required to be a member of Port of Seattle/Shilshole’s Clean Captains Club.  See the application here…clean captain award application

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