Nov 17 2019

Argosy Christmas Ships Near Shilshole

Sunday, December 1 | 1:30 – 4:15 pm
(Location Change: Now departing Pier 55)
Departure: Pier 55
Choir: The Dickens Carolers
1st Performance: West Point Lighthouse @ 2:10 pm
2nd Performance: Blue Ridge Beach Park @ 2:55 pm (P)

Sunday, December 1 | 6:30 – 9:30 pm
(Location Change: Now departing Pier 55)
Departure: Pier 55
Choir: Emerald City Voices
1st Performance: Carkeek Park @ 7:30 pm
2nd Performance: Golden Gardens Park @ 8:10 pm

Argosy schedule

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Nov 09 2019

Getting your Captain’s License

In the boating world, when someone says they are a “captain”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have some Napoleon complex on their boat and like to wear white visors caps that say “Captain” (although those people do exist).

It generally means that they have undergone complex studies and a rigorous exam to earn the title.  With an OUPV or “6-Pack”, you can legally take paying passengers out on a boat.  You can deliver boats for the owners or brokers. It may reduce your insurance rate, and carries weight when chartering.

You see the ads everywhere for local classes.  They are held in classrooms, online or by personal study…all to fit your schedule.  Winter is a good time to consider this as the boat is usually tucked away.  Here are couple local organizations but also check out the marine stores, yacht brokers, and boating magazines and the January Boat Show for references and schedules…

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Nov 07 2019

Race Your House! summary

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Last Saturday was the 9th annual Race Your House!…a fun, low key “race” around the buoys.  This year, the weather was perfect with an avg of 10 knots of wind and temps in mid 50s.  The course went from buoys off of Shilshole to Bainbridge Is. and back…11.2 miles and everyone was home in under 4 hours.  Congratulations to not just the winners of each class but to all who participated!  Put it on your schedule for next Fall!


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Nov 02 2019

Construction Update-Nov. 1

Bi-Weekly Update:

M3 foundation; photo courtesy of Gary Peterson, E-dock

New M3 Building
• Under slab utility installation complete and working on rebar installation.
New M4 Building
• Under slab utility installation continues.
New M6 Building
• Completed excavation, sub grade passed, and starting backfill.

Looking Ahead:
New M3 Building
• Continue with rebar installation and prep for slab placement
• Start building installation.
New M4 Building
• Continue with installation of utilities.
• Start installation of forms for slab on grade.
• Start installation of rebar.
New M6 Building
• Place base course and test for compaction.
• Start installation of under slab utilities.

Please contact the marina office at 206-787-7236 for further information or send an email to

restroom project and plans

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Nov 02 2019

tree removal

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About a month ago I filed a complaint with the Seattle Buildings and inspection department objecting to the removal of four trees just to the North of the marina office. I objected that these were mature trees that were possibly within the shoreline management acts distance from the water that would require a permit. The cities tree removal ordinance (SMC 25.11) requires a permit also.
The complaint was assigned to a Betty Rasmussen. I spoke with Betty today and she says that she contacted a Robert Hoyman at the port asking for a arborist report. The file number of the complaint is 009478-19CP. I offered to Betty to be the point person for this issue since she is swamped with complaints. Post to this forum and I will relay to Betty.
This is not the first time the marina has removed trees with no apparent notice. I mostly want to know where substitute trees have been planted as required under the law. I will update the community as further developments occur. Thank you. Dan Kruzich, D-11.

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