Feb 17 2018

Parking during Construction this year

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The Port has started construction on the S End restrooms (M-1) and as the other restrooms/laundry, Dukes restaurant and paving projects get started, there will be disruptions to our parking.  The Port reminds us to:

  • have the current (2018) parking permit visible in your car and have your guests and your extra vehicle park in the non-permit areas
  • make sure your car tabs are current and wont expire while you are out cruising/travelling-especially this summer!  There have been stolen/abandoned cars left in the parking lot so the Port will tow cars with expired tabs!
  • to contact the marina office if you will be gone for more than 2 weeks so they can make sure you are not parked in an area that will be needed for construction
  • More Shilshole parking info can be found here

Please share this with your dockmates and guests so no one is inconvenienced.  Thanks.


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