Mar 05 2018

Renewing Your Vessel Documentation

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If your boat is documented with the US Dept of Homeland Security, (NVDC-National Vessel Documentation Center), then you have received, in the past, a notice approximately 45 days prior to your documentation expiration.  The fee is $26 for a 1 yr renewal and can be done completely online.

Last year, several boaters, myself included, got a letter from a company (there are several) soliciting renewal prior to the regular letter they receive from the NVDC.  These companies’s fees were approx $70 for 2 years.  Their paperwork and websites look very “official” and have caught many boaters off guard, including a neighbor of mine who had direct conversations with one of them.

These are 3rd party companies that have obtained publicly available information on documented vessels and their owners.  They may be legit companies and are counting on us boaters to quickly make a decision or not verifying our GOOGLE search.  (The NVDC site has some 3rd party awareness information, too.)

Per the officials at NVDC, documentation cannot be prepaid for 2 yrs…it is only 1 yr at a time.  These other companies are submitting the same info you can do on your own, and sitting on balance of your money til the 2nd year and taking a service fee for the effort.

If you want to remove yourself from any (non political) solicitations you can contact these opt out options posted on the Federal Trade Commission’s site.

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