Dec 01 2020

Security Issues

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On our Monday night VHF checkin (Mondays, 8pm ch 71), a main topic of conversation was the outboard thefts on J/K docks. According to Marina security, there is a:

White 24 foot sailboat with green moss on the top; with a White male, about 5′ 6″-5’8”, dark hair that has been observed in the area, usually after 8pm. He sometimes moors on the pumpout or fuel docks (@3-5 am) but quickly leaves when someone approaches.  He/they also use a dark grey skiff with a black motor

He has had a prior run in with the port Police and is quick to leave the area when security gets close. He has a very faint WN reg number, so it’s been difficult to catch him. Please…
1) Lock your outboard/cover it up (out of site out of mind)
2) If you see this boat/person cruising the fairways, please call the port immediately at 206-601-4089
3) Some boats on J/K have installed motion sensors-be vigilant

Thanks. Its neighbors looking out for neighbors…

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