Mar 03 2016

Shilshole Chart Night March 14

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First Chart Night:  Port Townsand  to Ketchikan with no power.  

Al Hughes and a trimaran


2015:  Shilsholes”Al Hughes wins the first nonmotorized boat race to Alaska.   Al’s three-man team from Seattle sailed  the Elsie Piddock, a trimaran,  into Ketchikan harbor on Friday afternoon, miles ahead of the competition. The crew reached the harbor eight days after the race’s start in Port Townsend, Wash., taking the $10,000 first prize for the fastest human-powered transit 750 miles up the Pacific Northwest coast. THE RULES: rules: no motors or have any support vessels with motors. Oars and paddles OK but  No Limits on Imagination.  CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE

6:30  Dockside Solutions

March 14    

Chart Night is an informal gathering to discuss our Northwest cruising waters. The format is simple … some beer, a table, some charts, and beer.  Powerpoint and such are discouraged .. they idea is talk about the currents, the bears, the rapids, the coves, the potlachs, the ancorages … and of course the sea monsters and coasties.

Al will bring charts and talk about the cool parts of his trip .. getting through the narrows, finding wind, sleeping on the trampoline.

THIS IS ALSO VHF NIGHT:  Please feel free to bring a handset so you can chat with the Shilshole community on VHF. 

Folks can contact me at   Steve Schwartz, Aquila. L61

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