Feb 07 2016

Signal Test on February 27, 2016

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‘Shilshole Prepares’ and Shilshole Liveaboard Association

Will be preforming a Signal Test from 12:00 Noon to 12:03 PM

On February  27, 2016

All tenants at Shishole Bay Marine are encouraged to participate in this test.

When you hear the 5 Blast signal from a SHIP Horn or an air horn,  turn to 

to Channel 71 on your VHF radio and

check in with the Net control person.

You will be asked  to give the name of your vessel, the location of your vessel,

the number of souls aboard.  Additional questions may be asked.  Once you

finish the sign-in you  may continue to signal the 5 Blast until  12:03 PM.


For more information:

Email  Kristen at amazonred53@gmail.com  or 

turn in Monday night at 8 PM to the V-MAN Net, Channel 71 on your VHF radio.

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