Nov 02 2019

tree removal

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About a month ago I filed a complaint with the Seattle Buildings and inspection department objecting to the removal of four trees just to the North of the marina office. I objected that these were mature trees that were possibly within the shoreline management acts distance from the water that would require a permit. The cities tree removal ordinance (SMC 25.11) requires a permit also.
The complaint was assigned to a Betty Rasmussen. I spoke with Betty today and she says that she contacted a Robert Hoyman at the port asking for a arborist report. The file number of the complaint is 009478-19CP. I offered to Betty to be the point person for this issue since she is swamped with complaints. Post to this forum and I will relay to Betty.
This is not the first time the marina has removed trees with no apparent notice. I mostly want to know where substitute trees have been planted as required under the law. I will update the community as further developments occur. Thank you. Dan Kruzich, D-11.

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  1. Breakwateron 21 Nov 2019 at 11:59 am

    On 11/21/19 I recieved a e-mail from the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection to my tree removal complaint. They said there were three low value locust trees removed without a permit issued by the city. The Port paid a fee and promised to plant new trees within a year. I replied asking what the fee was and when and where the new trees will be planted. I will post when I find this information. Dan Kruzich, D-11.

  2. Breakwateron 06 Dec 2019 at 9:01 am

    I’ve achieved my goal. As of today the marina has planted five trees in place of the three they cut down to put in a motorcycle parking area. This is in addition to paying the fee they neglected to pay and at least a implicit acknowledgment they failed to apply for a permit with city under ordinance 22.51. I also learned that the trees that were removed a couple of years ago were replaced with oaks along the South road frontage. This goes to show what can be achieved when a concerned tenant is willing to raise they’re voice.