Jul 19 2019

West Point Treatment Plant dumps raw sewage into Sound

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A Seattle City Light power surge and outage that affected more than 10,000 customers in Seattle led to a brief emergency bypass at the West Point Treatment Plant early Friday morning, July 19.

The power disruption caused pumping throughout the wastewater treatment plant to shut down. Workers acted swiftly to prevent flooding in the plant by sending an estimated 3 million gallons of storm water mixed with wastewater into Puget Sound through an emergency outfall pipe for 27 minutes, and normal operations were quickly restored.

Friday’s Sewage Dump into Sound

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One Response to “West Point Treatment Plant dumps raw sewage into Sound”

  1. Breakwateron 04 Aug 2019 at 12:06 pm

    So why didn’t the emergency generators kick in? It seems to me that was the problem the last time there was a disruption in operations at the plant. Oh, I know, they didn’t fix the emergency generator problem they had the last time. What idiots. Why are these guys still working at the plant? Dan Kruzich

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