May 13 2021

Parking lot disruption

Beginning next week, the Port will be painting/striping the section of parking lot just south of the admin building and north of the new M3 restroom, and they have put up signage to be out by Sunday the 16th.   This means all those cars from that area will likely be parking to the south (closer to the old M2 restroom and in front of E/D docks), making available parking very scarce.

Make sure your 2021 parking sticker is in your window as the Port will be ticketing and may tow any improperly parked vehicles.  Any concerns should be directed to the Marina’s 24/7 cell phone 206-601-4089.

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May 07 2021

Have you ever been sailboat racing?

Many boaters at Shilshole race their own boats or crew for others. There are major (all day) races almost every weekend during the spring and fall and more relaxed (1-2 hour) races during the summer.  If you have never tried racing, you are missing out on a great way to improve your sailing skills; which will greatly enhance your cruising -you’ll sail more efficiently,  sail faster and do less motoring.

We have a couple local clubs that give you an opportunity, with no experience or cost as crew, to get out on the water and work as a team. It’s as simple as showing up on time, having warm dry clothes and lifejacket, listening to the skipper and the more experienced crew, and showing an interest. It’s not a party; its a fun, competitive team sport.

Check out their web sites for how to get involved…

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May 01 2021

West Point Sewage Spill-again!

SEATTLE – A sewage spill from the West Point Treatment Plan has shut down water recreation at some beaches on both sides of Puget Sound.

Public Health Seattle & King County has banned swimming and other water activities at Golden Gardens Park in King County due to the spill.

West Point sewage spill closes beaches on both sides of Puget Sound | KOMO (

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Apr 29 2021

Opening Day “perk”

Shilshole Bay Marina is offering free coffee to it’s customers in celebration of Opening Day of Boating Season, Saturday, May 1st…

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Apr 22 2021

EarthDay at Shilshole

Published by under Liveaboard Topics

A key pillar of the Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc.’s mission is the education, promotion and practice of responsible environmental stewardship. As liveaboards, the sea is our backyard, and just like homeowners would not “trash” their own backyard, nor should we. Most boaters and liveaboards understand this, but there are always ways to improve your footprint (both afloat or ashore).

read more about how you can do your part here…

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