Nov 24 2023

Christmas Ships at Shilshole

The Holiday season is upon us…time to decorate your boat

with lights and share some good cheer with your neighbors! 


Christmas Ships at Shilshole

Sunday, Nov 26th 4-5:30 and 7-8:45

The Argosy tour boats will be departing Shilshole on 2 cruises Sunday evening…one to Carkeek Park and the other to Golden Gardens-both with bonfires at their destination. You can follow in your decorated boat or just go to the bonfire for the carols.

Argosy Parade of Boats

Friday, December 8th | 8:00 – 9:30 pm

This is a parade of decorated boats from Lake Union to the Ballard Bridge and back…participate or it’s easy to view along the route. 

details here:    Christmas Ship™ Festival Schedule – Argosy Cruises

…and check out the nearby light displays in the Olympic Manor neighborhood on 85th and our marina lights from the Sunset Hill Park!

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Nov 23 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. wishes you all a very safe, joyous and thankful day!  With the challenges and stress we all face in different ways, this is a perfect time to reflect on how lucky we are to have each other, and our incredible liveaboard lifestyle!

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Nov 18 2023


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Your Shilshole Liveaboard Association is encouraging everyone to decorate their boats with lights this holiday season!

The past 3 years have brought us many challenges, so why not get your lights up early to help spread a little cheer!

Happy Holidays!

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Nov 11 2023

Get your HAM radio license

Are you headed offshore to Mexico and points beyond with your SSB radio? Or, do you want to be able to communicate in times of emergency?  Now’s the time to get your HAM radio license!  Classes are  held online, are inexpensive and testing is designed for you to learn and pass!

For details on HAM radio, check out the National Assoc. of Amateur Radio:

Sheri, who runs our Monday night VMan check in, took this prep class and had good things to say about it:

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Nov 04 2023

Getting your Captain’s License

In the boating world, when someone says they are a “captain”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have some Napoleon complex on their boat and like to wear white visors caps that say “Captain” (although those people do exist).

It generally means that they have undergone complex studies and a rigorous exam to earn the title.  With an OUPV or “6-Pack”, you can legally take paying passengers out on a boat.  You can deliver boats for the owners or brokers. It may reduce your insurance rate, and carries weight when chartering.

You see the ads everywhere for local classes.  They are held in classrooms, online or by personal study…all to fit your schedule.  Winter is a good time to consider this as the boat is usually tucked away.  Here are couple local organizations but also check out the marine stores, yacht brokers, and boating magazines and the January Boat Show for references and schedules…

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Nov 01 2023

Día de los Muertos

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 Wondering What The Day of the Dead Altars Mean?

Wondering What The Day of the Dead Altars Mean? – Gringo Gazette

Celebrating Day Of The Dead (

Day of the Dead – Wikipedia

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Nov 01 2023

A Beautiful Halloween evening!

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Perfect weather helped make this another great evening on the docks for the kiddies and their parents! D and E docks had a great turnout with lots of decorations, as I’m sure other docks did too. Thanks to all that participated.

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Oct 31 2023

Happy Halloween!

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For safety…turn on your deck/spreader lights to show you are welcoming kids and pick up any loose items off your dock to avoid trip hazards.

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