Mar 28 2016


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March 27, 2016 Solana, a sailboat near the end of A-dock was broken into: a computer, a make-up bag and some keepsakes were taken.
The security camera caught the thief as he made his access to A-dock.
The Port Police were called by the owners when they returned to their boat.
I contacted the marina office this morning for addition information.
Not much was learned.
I will ask the Port Police for more details tonight on the V-MAN NET AT 8 pm. The information I have gathered was given to me by a long time live aboard on A-dock. I trust his account as he spoke directly to the owner(s) of Solana.
According to the office staff an ax was used to break in to the boat.
Solana was securely locked the thief made a big mess of the companion way door and surrounding wood structure.

If you or anyone you know saw this guy on the wharf, in the parking lots or on the dock please contact the office or the Port Police. It is getting warmer and more people will be in the marina. See something, Say something, Please.

Solana did not deserve this.

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