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May 13 2021

Parking lot disruption

Beginning next week, the Port will be painting/striping the section of parking lot just south of the admin building and north of the new M3 restroom, and they have put up signage to be out by Sunday the 16th.  This means all those cars from that area will likely be parking to the south (closer to the old M2 restroom and in front of E/D docks), making available parking very scarce.

Make sure your 2021 parking sticker is in your window as the Port will be ticketing and may tow any improperly parked vehicles.  Any concerns should be directed to the Marina’s 24/7 cell phone 206-601-4089.

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Apr 29 2021

Opening Day “perk”

Shilshole Bay Marina is offering free coffee to it’s customers in celebration of Opening Day of Boating Season, Saturday, May 1st…

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Feb 13 2021

Snow Event

Saturday morning’s snow…

A big “thank you” to the Port for using the snow blowers to clear the docks during the day and having snow shovels available to check out!

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Feb 08 2021

Upcoming Snow/Freeze Event

We have some cold weather in the forecast and it may or may not contain snow, but it’s the time of year to always be prepared…

  • Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or those with limited mobility and if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help-either from your neighbors or the Port staff at 24/7 cell:  206-601-4089
  • Be careful with space heaters-don’t use them with extension cords and turn off your water heater breaker at night so you can have more amps and won’t blow your main breaker
  • Be careful walking the docks-stay in the middle
  • Snow shovels are available to check out at the office
  • Be patient with the pumpout services…if the marina pumps are frozen, they can’t use them either
  • Keep your water tank topped off when your hose defrosts
  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to, but top off your car gas tank in case you get stuck out driving, and have water, snacks, blankets and boots in the car
  • When it warms up and starts to melt, make sure your scuppers are clear to drain

Here is Seattle’s plowing priority map

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Feb 04 2021

Dock Captains/Port Meeting

Tues. evening was the quarterly meeting between the Dock Captains and the Port/Marina staff.  It is an opportunity for the Port to share any construction, security or other marina news with us and for the Dock Captains to relay any tenant and dock issues to them.

(Dock Captains…please feel free to share these notes with your dock mates.)

Dock Captain meeting notes 2-2-21

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