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Nov 24 2021

Christmas Ships at Shilshole

The Holiday season is upon us…time to decorate your boat

with lights and share some good cheer with your neighbors! 


Christmas Ships at Shilshole

November 28 @ 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm

The Argosy tour boats will be departing Shilshole on 2 cruises Sunday afternoon…one to Carkeek Park and the other out to West Point and back to Golden Gardens-both with bonfires at their destination. You can follow in your decorated boat or just go to the bonfire for the carols.

Argosy Parade of Boats

December 10 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

This is a parade of decorated boats from Lake Union to the Ballard Bridge and back…participate or easy to view along the route. 

details here:    Christmas Ship™ Festival Schedule – Argosy Cruises

…and check out the nearby light displays in the Olympic Manor neighborhood on 85th and our marina lights from the Sunset Hill park!

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Nov 14 2021

Latest Crime Stats For Shilshole Marina

Relayed from the 8pm Monday Night (11/08/21) Vman Net VHF Ch.71
-Special Thanks To Officer Nari Shin of the POS for providing the information.

*Area checks – 19
Boat Fire – 1
Property damage – 1
Car Prowl – 3
Transient complaint – 1
**Other – 4
Total calls: 29

For October:
Area checks – 104
Theft – 3
Prowl – 3
Suspicious person – 2
Abandoned vehicle – 1
Animal problem – 1
Business checks – 1
Disturbance – 1
Property damage – 1
Threat – 1
Transient complaint – 1
Total calls: 119

*Area checks are when officers self dispatch to an area to make sure nothing is going on and provide a presence. 
**Other incidents are things like follow ups, any administrative details, emphasis patrols etc.

Be sure to join in the vMan net on Monday nights at 8pm VHF channel 71. The Port of Seattle Police are once again participating in the net and willing to answer questions. Tenants are encouraged to stay vigilant & report ANY suspicious activity to the Port of Seattle Police.

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Nov 10 2021

SBM Parking Study video..

On October 19th, the Port held a parking study virtual meeting for marina tenants.  They have just released the video of that meeting and the associated Powerpoint slides .

Shilshole Bay Marina Parking Study


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Nov 02 2021

Some Reminders…

  • The Port has a great haz-mat recycling program! Just call the 24/7 cell to have them meet you so they can dispose of your items:
    • Only used oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid goes in tank near restroom M2;
    • Used batteries, old gasoline/mix, and antifreeze/coolant go to the Hazmat Box down near Seaview Boatyard (south)
  • Garbage goes in the dark green waste container, all recycling goes in the large blue container. Compost in the brown plastic bin.
  • Please put your donated “junk” (items you no longer need but don’t want to toss) near the dumpster and not at the gate, so more people can see them.
  • Remind your guests and crew to park on the outer row near the street in General Parking. The Port will tow all vehicles that are parked in Permit Parking that don’t have a 2021 sticker.
  • Please control your dogs (by your side or on a leash at all times) and please clean up after them!
  • To avoid smash and grab car break-ins, do not leave any items visible in your car.
  • Do not allow people you don’t know through the gate (tailgaters). Have them call the Port number posted on the gate for access.  There have been prowlers on the docks and in the waterways so please lock your boat, dinghy, etc and please call the Port’s 24/7 cell phone, 206-601-4089, if you see anything/anyone suspicious.

Thank you for helping keep this a nice place to moor and live!

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Sep 27 2021

Welcome to the Shilshole Blog…

Are you new to this site?  Welcome!  This a news and events site for Shilshole marina tenants and is maintained by your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc.  Please take the time to look under each of the Tabs above and drill down further on each of the topics, and also check out the links along the right side of this page.  There is a myriad of information that makes life here at Shilshole, your neighborhood.  Topics include:

  • local eateries, businesses, yacht clubs, fuel dock and store
  • marina rules, fees, parking, garbage and The Port’s policy handbook
  • pumpout services, tides, weather, crab and fishing seasons
  • emergency preparedness for our neighborhood and for you as a individual boater
  • details of the Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc, events, and programs

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find this a helpful source for info here at Shilshole…

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