Sep 17 2019

Construction Update

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Customer Service Facilities (Restroom Project)
Construction Update- September 17, 2019

This Week:

1. At the M-3 South Restroom building site, construction fencing was set up at two locations. One is for the construction site itself and the other is for a material and equipment laydown area (by Seaview Avenue).
2. This Wednesday through Friday, preconstruction activities such as erosion and sediment control measures, and temporary power connections will take place.
3. On Friday, around mid-day, a planned power outage will impact the M-2 restroom building. Lighting, HVAC and hand dryers will be inoperable for approximately 30 minutes while modifications are made.
4. Marina wide, all parking lot and promenade pole lights have been adjusted to operate at maximum intensity during overnight hours. The motion sensing feature has been deactivated. This change will stay in effect for the duration of the project.

Looking Ahead:

Excavation of the M-3 South Restroom site will begin on Monday September 23rd and will continue for at least six days.
1. On Friday September 20th, signs will be posted at the M-4 Central Restroom construction site announcing “No Parking After 10:00 PM on October 1st “.
2. On Thursday October 3rd, construction fencing will be set up around the M-4 Central building site.

Please contact the marina office at 206-787-7236 for further information.

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