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Crime stats for Shilshole Bay Marina 02/01/22-03/07/22

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Crime stats for Shilshole Bay Marina as reported by Port of Seattle Police Officer Shin via the Monday night VMan Net.

02/02 – SPD responded to the 6500 blk of Seaview reference to reports of shots fired. SPD and King County conducted an area check of the train tracks on top of the hill but was unable to locate the suspect. The suspect never came onto Port property.
02/05 – A bicycle was stolen off a pickup truck parked near dock L. No further information at this time.
02/05 – **Suspicious activity on K dock. Dock captain reported seeing a dilapidated sailboat moored at the end of K dock. Spoke to the marine attendant and she stated the sailboat was originally moored at A dock but had fallen behind on moorage fees. This is a civil issue and the marina is working towards evicting them from SBM.

**Additional items of note:
02/01/22 – Tenant on F dock noticed someone who is known to live in a vehicle by the marina use a key fob to enter the restrooms at M3 around 8:50pm. Upon confronting him he yelled expletives and continued on his way. Tenant called the 24 hour security line at shilshole and left a message.

02/04/22 12:am- Tenant noticed a rough looking vehicle driving through the parking lot with 3 males inside, driving slowly and looking suspicious. He watched from afar until they stopped their vehicle and started checking cars. Tenant called the Marina office 24 hour line and the security guard called POSP. Security guard arrived in 8 minuted with POSP very close behind. The men re-entered their vehicle and left without incident.
-Dock Captain on K dock also reported a prowler in a black hoodie with a flashlight wandering the docks between 2-3am.
**The boat from the 02/05 report on K dock is a 27 foot sailboat with no mast with the name “Anemy” (Not 100% on spelling of the name). It left the marina as of 4pm this evening.

02/17- Assault at M4 Bathroom. Transient male gained access to and left a backpack inside one of the bathrooms. A resident entered the bathroom and locked the door after he had left. Upon returning, suspect was very angry and started shouting and banging on the door. Port staff was called and intervened. The suspect later threw a rock which ricocheted off the ground and struck a staff member. Suspect is still outstanding. He might still be hanging around the railroad tracks where POSP was unable to locate him that day. Staff member is ok.

02/18- Theft from a vehicle near U dock. Prescription drugs and $20 were stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

02/26 – Property damage sometime overnight the fence was cut at the N storage yard. It is unclear at this time if there was anything stolen from within the yard.

02/27 – Property damage on between the hours of 11-4pm, a Port van was damaged, possibly by a transient. Unknown where the van was parked at this time.

03/05 – theft from a box truck, Seaview side across from C/D dock. Theft was reported and called in by a transient that sleeps in front of the marina parking. Provided description and license plate info.

03/06 – suspicious person originating from N dock and located at A dock.

As always, tenants are encouraged to stay vigilant & report ANY suspicious activity to the Port of Seattle Police. **Please remember, IF AN INCIDENT ISN’T REPORTED it’s like IT NEVER OCCURRED. If you want to see better security at Shilshole PLEASE report everything and contribute to the stats. The numbers speak volumes.

Emergencies:Call 911

The following numbers should be in your speed dial and easily accessible.

Port of Seattle Police Direct Line: 206-787-3490
Port of Seattle Police Non-emergency: 206-787-5401
Shilshole Marina Night Security/24 hr: 206-601-4089


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