Feb 08 2021


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Sometime between last Thursday, February 4 and today, Monday February 8, the catalytic converter for my car, a Toyota Prius was stolen. We are under siege. I’m told four catalytic converters from Prius’ were stolen in the last two weeks.
This was two rows away from E dock. I’m hoping security camera caught whoever did it. I filed a police report but my insurance won’t cover it. I’m telling you this because unless we do something it’s going to get worse.
Today catalytic converters of Prius’ will get stolen. Tomorrow they will be smashing windows and stealing whatever they can grab. The day after that they will be sticking a gun in your ribs and demanding your wallet.
First thing we can do is to be super vigilant. Anything suspicious should be immediately reported. All street light that are burned out should be reported. People idly walking between cars should be questioned. People carrying tools which might be used to break into cars or dismantle them should be reported.
Today there are 100 less police officers on the streets than there were just a few months ago. I lay the blame directly at the feet of the Seattle City Council. We hold the power to change that with our vote. Use it.
Next, the Port of Seattle Commissioners can do more for us. There again we hold the power to effect change. Last, let us coordinate to protect ourselves. I would welcome any suggestions on this forum to take action to change the narrative we are facing. Thank you. Dan Kruzich, “Corsair”, D-11.

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