Dec 04 2015

Don’t get me wrong……

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There is a difference between liking/supporting  an organization and supporting all the policies of that organization.  I personally find the work that the Port of Seattle does to be remarkable.  The organization makes it possible for our City to have a world class shipping port and an airport that rivals  the best in the country.  Growth requires change and some alteration in policies.

With all due respect to the Port of Seattle, I do have some strong disagreements with recent changes regarding live aboard customers and non live aboard customers of Shilshole Bay Marina.

  • The agreement between the Live Aboard community and the Port of Seattle is being disregarded by the Port with regard to the new policy of charging the new live aboard  customers $ 100.oo per-month.  This is a policy change I do not support.
  • Charging “A fee of  $240.00 plus tax sales tax” for an additional vehicle/or a replacement sticker is a policy change that I find outrageous.  Raising the fee from $70.00 to $240.00 is an increase of 342%.
  • An increase of 8% in slip fees over a period less than one year is unthinkable.
  •  The leasehold tax has also been raised.    (please read the comment section concerning the Leasehold Tax, thanks Al for the clarification)
  • Reduction of parking spaces of customers at the SBM to provide additional income to the Port is also a policy change, which I do not support.

It has been said to me by others, that expressing my views on these policy changes can be seen as being “anti-port” rhetoric, and not in the spirit or word of the Live Aboard agreement between the Port of Seattle, this causes me to ask myself,” am I not a customer of this marina and am I not paying for these changes in Port policies? Then why should I be silent in the face of outrageous hikes in fees and reduction of parking by the Port, if indeed these policies impact me and my family in an adverse way?”  I have heard comments from numerous members of the boating community express these concerns with vigor. Putting my name on these concerns and posting my concerns for the changes in policies has caused me to do a bit of a reality check.  Am I not entitled to express my thoughts without fear of retribution for my opinions?

As I have stated above,  I support the Port of Seattle efforts to improve the services at its various operations.  I do not support the way we here at Shishole Bay Marina are being “handled”.

I approve this message and invite alternative views on this subject.

Kristen R. Sierra

Customer and Tenant of Shilshole Bay Marina



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