Mar 29 2005

How This Works…

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Quick Start Guide:

This is the official website of your Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. (SLA)

First…you don’t need to register to view all the pages or links…this is a public site of news, links and information for the benefit of our fellow liveaboards and boaters here at Shilshole! To post or comment though, you need to…

  1. Register: Do you have a username and a password yet? If not, then first you need to register. When you register, you will be asked for a user name and your email address. You can make up the user name, but you can not change it later. A password will be generated at random and emailed to you right away. Once you get the password in your email you’ll be able to log in. Ready?
    Go to the registration page!
  2. Log in: The first time you log in, you may want to go to your profile page, and add some basic information about yourself. You may also change your password on that page.
    Log in now!

    Hint: there is a handy login link at the bottom of the right sidebar, under the heading Meta

  3. Write: Once you log in, you can start adding content to this site. You can either write your own new posts, or add comments to entries written by others. Ready?
    Write a new post!

    Hint: at the bottom of the right sidebar, under the heading Meta, click on Site Admin. On the next page, you can click on the Write link to go to the “Write Post” page.

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