Nov 17 2015

How can I help?

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If you are wondering how you can help the Shilshole Blog, chances are you already have an idea of what this site is about. But it can’t hurt to state it explicitly:

Our mission is: provide a “go to” site for things related to the Shilshole community; foster a sense of community among all the Shilshole people, support the interests of the Shilshole community, and provide a communication medium. As much as an online medium can, we want to do our part to Build Shilshole Community

A web site has a few things in common with a magazine: you wouldn’t buy the new issue of your favorite magazine from the newsstand (or subscribe to it), if it was the same as the last. Same here, people would not come back if the site had the same stale content every time. The beauty of a community-supported site is that everyone who participates has a stake in making the site work, thereby fostering a sense of belonging, of ownership, and in turn this gives an incentive to keep participating, and it all builds momentum in a virtuous cycle.
The biggest contribution you can make is to just overcome your shyness, and post or comment on other posts! Ask questions! Tell a story! Introduce yourself! Complain! Praise! Just speak up…

Since whatever comments are posted on this site are seen by all, we ask that you refrain from profanity and try to keep it somewhat positive, and try to provide suggestions for solutions for things that are really messed up.

And…As a piece of friendly advice: NEVER post your full email address on a public web site. There are hordes of spammers constantly scanning web sites for addresses to add to their evil lists.

See also: How does this thing work? to get started.


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