Oct 05 2022

It’s time for the Port of Seattle to step up security at Shilshole Marina

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The Port of Bellingham is increasing security at Squalicum Harbor in response to the rise in local crime rates.

Gates are being installed along with better lighting, alarm systems and security cameras, as well as increasing security patrols and tenant awareness. A recent article in the Bellingham Herald stated Port spokesperson Mike Hogan as saying “Providing a safe environment for Port customers, Port employees and community members is a top priority for the Port.” (1)

“The Bellingham Police Department’s incident log shows that officers have been called to the 700 or 800 block of Coho Way 33 times since Jan. 1, The Bellingham Herald found. Of those 33, more than half were for theft (13 incidents) or vehicle prowling (seven incidents).”(1)

So far in 2022 at Shilshole Marina, there have been 92 incidents reported to the Port of Seattle Police since Jan 1. Of those, there were 9 vehicle thefts, and 25 prowls and thefts that resulted in damage and loss.  The remaining reported incidents consisted of, suspicious activities, mental health issues, hit and runs, assault, vandalism, intoxicated subjects, boat incidents, and various other issues. There were many other incidents that occurred around the marina that were unfortunately not reported. There were 170 reported incidents at Shilshole in 2021.

Tenants of Shilshole are being forced to take precautions since the Port of Seattle isn’t stepping up security measure at Shilshole. Head of Port security, Russ Read has claimed there’s no budget for it.(2)

(1) https://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article266587011.html?fbclid=IwAR1IKTHGCauv1SPrhqy7hAyihyzDhdN8JmHl2ceOKETH3Cq52ohiTbW-i_M

(2) https://www.shilsholecommunity.org/the-current-state-of-security-at-shilshole-marina/#more-5793

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