Jun 12 2016

Marina Day: A look at living aboard at Shilshole Marina

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On June 11, 2016  we at Shilshole Liveaboard Association celebrated the life style and life choices we have made by participating in National Marina Day here at Shilshole Bay Marina.  A Tour of Four Liveaboard Boats was staged at H-Dock for the benefit of the general public.  The objective was to share what it is like to be a liveaboard.  To make our community as liveaboards  more retentive in the City of Seattle. We welcomed the public to our homes, talk to an home/boat owner and to experience what it is to live aboard a boat.

I want to personally thank those who offered there boats to be toured:  Ned Kohlhauff   SV Bristol Blue,  Jim and Sharon Doub SV The Neighborhood, Kirk Utter SV Teaser II,  and Fred Felleman MV Leschi.  I would like to thank the Staff of Shilshole Bay Marina and the Marina Day Committee, you made the day a big success.

There were many new liveaboards who visited the booth I manned to answer questions about the Shilshole Liveaboard Association.  To all of you welcome to Shilshole.  Please come the Dock Captain’s Meeting on Tuesday June 14 at CYC .  It starts at 6 pm and goes to 8 pm.

Lastly,  I asked at least 3 of the boat owners who participated how many people came aboard their boat.  The answer varied.  Ned on Bristol Blue said he stopped counting at 70 something.  People reportedly came in groups 5-10.  They started wanting to come aboard before the start time of 12 noon,  but they did stop around 4:30 pm.

I will conclude this by saying next year we will likely have a tour again.  Think about bringing  your boat over to H-Dock.  It is fun and it does help the public understand who we are.

Fair Winds,

Kristen Sierra

SV Bristol Blue


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