Jan 12 2016

Minutes from Tues’ Dock Captains Meeting 1-12-16

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The focus this evening was on security in the marina due to the rash of car thefts, bike thefts, and vehicle smash and grabs. It was more of a roundtable discussion for everyone to express their concerns and hear any Port suggestions.  Many suggestions are common-sense, but need repeating.

Giuseppe Alvarado, Business and Operations Manager for Recreation Boating, and Ray Blackwell, Officer Port of Seattle Police presided…

  • There was a motorcycle stolen last month that had a $400 chain-lock sawed off. There was one truck and 2 cars that were stolen over New Years Eve. There have been many bike thefts that are quickly “parted out” for a quick buck/fix. There are many “troubled” people living in the woods up near the BNSF tracks that come down to the marina to commit crimes. This unfortunately, is all too common lately in the Ballard/greater Seattle area and is expected to continue.
  • It is difficult/impossible to cover all areas all the time. There are about 1100 parking stalls here at Shilshole Bay Marina (SBM), spread out over 1/8 of mile. There are only 2 Port of Seattle police officers covering the Seaport Division (Shilshole, Bell Harbor, Fisherman’s Terminal, and Harbor Island), with no plans to add additional officers.
  • The “witching hour” of 1-5 am is when most criminal activity takes place. Discussion ensued regarding closing the marina during those hours (can’t be done since it’s a public property), adding a guard shack and monitoring traffic (Elliott Bay Marina just implemented this), fencing along the road (not likely nor very effective), patrol trucks not using their flashers that give away their position, and better lighting in the marina (which will be part of the restroom/parking lot remodel).
  • The City of Seattle has other more important things to do than respond to Shilshole, so…   
    • In emergencies, please call 911 and ask to be transferred to Port of Seattle Police.
    • In non-emergency situations, please call Port of Seattle Police 24-hr dispatch 206-787-5401

The BNSF railroad also has a police force that deals with all activity on/near the tracks.

  • Call 1-800-832-5452 option 3 to report


  • ”be a better witness than victim”-don’t confront any threatening or questionable person or situation. Pay attention and call the authorities. If you see something, say something.
  • Don’t prop bathroom/shower doors open
  • Don’t let any questionable person through the gate…refer them to the office if they need access.
  • Don’t leave anything visible in your car. Consider a locking bar for the steering wheel.
  • Check in on VHF ch 71 every Monday evening at 8pm (V-Man) to share/hear the latest reports
  • Check out the Shilshole Blog to post and read any recent reports


Other Topics…

  • Kirk Utter-Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc (SLA) Pres. spoke about the Port’s upper management (corporate) decision to add 50 new liveaboards at a higher monthly liveaboard fee in total disregard for the negotiated 2012-2017 Liveaboard Agreement. Unfortunately, the SLA’s protests have not been listened to.
  • Kristen Sierra (SLA Communications) met with several Port representatives earlier this week to express the SLA’s concerns regarding the latest safety/security issues, many of which were discussed at this meeting.
  • Dock Reports…all is calm. Please report any dock lights that are out and structural issues of docks. If the forecast is to be icy/snowy, the Marina has deicer and snow shovels. Please call them with any icy spots. Do not use your own deicer as it is not environmentally safe and can cause damage to the docks.
  • The Marina office has 1 free Boat Show ticket per slip. Contact them to obtain.
  • In mid-April, the Clipper Round the World Race will have a stop here in Seattle (Bell Harbor). See https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/port/west-coast-usa-2015-16 for details.

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