Feb 02 2021

Neighborhood Watch

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This is our community, and as liveaboard residents, it is incumbent upon us to “know our neighbors”.

When you see someone “new” on the dock or waiting to get in gate…whether guests of a neighbor or a new tenant that has just moved in, greet them/introduce yourself.

Some will say the name of the boat or owner they are visiting…go ahead and make friendly small talk, which will show you are aware of their presence.  If they are looking around, ask them “can I help you find someone?”  Some will say they are new to the dock…please welcome them!  Chat ’em up!

Some will get defensive/won’t answer you (they probably tailgated through the gate) or will say they are “just looking at boats”.  Kindly say to them that they need to check in with the office before coming onto the docks-whether doing maintenance or looking at boats for sale.  The marina contact numbers are posted at the gate.

If you have any concerns about someone unknown on the dock, immediately call the marina cell number (206-601-4089) and security will be there within minutes to take over.

Be aware.  Ask questions. Your neighbors will thank you!

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