Dec 15 2018

New Recycling Program at Shilshole

As a boater, we are very much in touch with, and aware of, our surroundings and do our best to boat and live in an environmentally responsible way.  Most of us do a great job of separating our glass/paper/plastic/organics from the regular garbage.  The Port has always encouraged us to recycle and they provide clear signage near the dumpster of how to sort.   It’s the right thing to do!

Now we have a new service company called Ridwell to supplement the Port’s program.  This company collects……the items that would mess up a recycling sorting machine or can’t be recycled with the current system, such as: any household batteries, light bulbs, plastic film (Amazon packages, produce bags, dry cleaning bags), threads (old clothing, linens, and shoes), latex paint and more!

For a small fee, they provide canvas bags for you to collect your items in.  You then leave it at a pick-up station-currently small metal boxes near the dumpster area, and they will come by on a regular basis, pick up the items and leave fresh empty bags for you.  Please see their website for more information

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