Nov 14 2016

Notes from Marina Security Meeting 11-9-16

Here is a summary of last week’s security meeting…

The purpose of the meeting was to update the marina tenants and upland residents on the recent security concerns affecting our area.  There were about 60 attendees, along with Port of Seattle Police, the POS Head of Security, POS Maritime Director, and Shilshole staff.  The contract security firm that patrols in the evening was also there.

Commander Bill McAteer, POS Police: Two police officers cover the seaport properties and work in close partnership with the Seattle Police Dept. and the Burlington Northern Police. As always, call 911 for any emergencies and state you are at Shilshole Marina.  Call 206-787-5401 for any non-emergency response (suspicious persons, non-threatening criminal activity).  The Port of Seattle Police will respond much quicker than Seattle PD, will take your statement and follow-up with you. 

There have been several car and motorcycle thefts this year, with a truck stolen last week in front of F dock. Boat incidents are rare. Mainly they are car break-ins, which will increase during the holidays. Don’t leave anything visible in your car.

There are several encampments on the hill by the railroad tracks, and in Golden Gardens up by the dog park.  Many of those “campers” are on drugs and unpredictable. They come through the marina parking lot looking for easy pickings. Many have backpacks and look like they “don’t belong”.  Don’t confront them. Call the POS Police with any non-emergency concerns.  Don’t let anyone you don’t know into the laundry, restrooms, and showers and don’t allow anyone to tailgate you through the gate. Don’t share FOBs. Report lost FOBs immediately. The only public restrooms are located in the office building and at the north end near the boat ramp.

Officer Ray Blackwell:  “If you see something, say something!”  He said he is paid to address security concerns and enjoys the contact with individuals, so please don’t hesitate to contact him when a concern arises.  The police can’t backtrack a crime, so report it immediately.  Cameras can’t protect, they might tell you something that already happened. If you don’t feel safe, get away.

Discussion ensued. Some suggested another POS Police meeting to discuss possible tenant patrols and car locater systems like Lo-Jack.  The Marina is working to get better resolution cameras, and is considering closing off more entrances at night to better monitor the flow of traffic.  The marina has installed motion activated lights along the walkway.  Make a list of the serial numbers of your boats electronic equipment-many stolen items are sold on eBay or in pawn shops that can be traced.

Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.

Here are the phone numbers for any issues..Marina Security Phone Numbers

please-“if you see something, say something!”


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