Nov 05 2015

Welcome Back! November 5th, Thursday 2015

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This will be the first of many posts!

Notes from the Dock Captain Meeting
Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

The New Interim Managing Director of the Seaport Division spoke the proposed Seaview Boatyard expansion. Seaview will take over one row of parking adjacent to the current fence at the west side of the yard. The lease goes before the Port of Seattle Commission in November. (The date is set currently for November 10, the meeting will start at 2pm. This according to Rosie Courtney, Manager Public Affairs 11-5-15.) The meeting is open to the public.

Parking was discussed by Tracy, Shilshole Marina General Manager
Enforcement of the parking policy/permits is now underway.
Paid parking will be established next year (2016) as of now this will be in the non-permit areas.

Restrooms/Laundry/Paving was presented by Mark Longridge, Seaport Project Manager
The restroom design is still in negotiation with the architect which is why there was no public meeting in September 2015 regarding updates. When passed, he said that there will be a Public Meeting. Most likely in December 2015. It was further stated that the facilities are not expected to be completed until 2017.

Tracy, then gave the Marina Updates
The marina has been given permission to raise the number of liveaboard by 50, that makes the official number 350.

The “Clean Captain Program” which Tracy started a few months ago is for tenant boaters who comply with the current policies of: keeping the dock area clean, complying with the pump out requirements, keeping only non-flammable items in the dock box storage, and are in good standing with the marina.  You may claim the Clean Captain/Shilshole Burgee. For more information on the Burgee or the program see the staff at the marina office.

Passenger Ferry Service from Shilshole to Downtown Seattle is being discussed by the Port and the City of Seattle. Tracy said that this if it should happen will not affect marina as there are 150 parking spots on the street.

A bike rental program for the marina was suggested by a tenant.
When is WIFI coming to the marina? Tracy responded that not anytime soon, but it is being considered. A tenant mentioned that both Seattle Yacht Club outstations and Elliot Bay Marina have WIFI.

Shilshole Liveaboard Association Update:

Philp spoke on the Golden Gardens stairway to the dog park.  The drainage system is going to be rebuilt this winter.

Jim heads up the Shilshole Neighhorhood Communications Network which he re-states will be critical in times of emergency; ie who’s got water, generators, pets, medical training, etc. Get to know your neighbors, check on those that maybe boat-bound.

Check out the site:

you can sign up for text alerts and the V-Man VHF radio-in every Monday at 8pm on VFH channel 71.  Kristen made laminated V-Man notices for each of the Dock Gates.  A Flag 71 that she had made was given to the marina to remind boaters about channel 71.

Security was addressed by Ray Blackwell

Report all suspicious activity, please call 206-602-4089. Emergencies: 911 ask the dispatcher to route your call to the Seattle Police.                                                         There is a defibrillator located in the Marina Office as well as all marina vehicle.

Please check the V-Man Net on Monday night at 8 o’clock,  see you there!

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