Aug 11 2020

Orcas in Puget Sound

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We have the incredible benefit of having these beautiful creatures right here in our own back yard!  With summer boating in high gear, your chance of an encounter with them is pretty good but please, be a good boater and respect the laws regarding distance and speed.  They are in place to protect the orca’s feeding, echolocation and travel.  Many are also pregnant now and their survival rates are low.

Washington State Law

  • Boats to stay 300 yards from Southern Resident orcas or killer whales on either side.
  • Boats to stay 400 yards out of Southern Resident orca’s path/in front and behind the whales
  • Boats to go slow (<7 knots) within ½ mile of Southern Resident orcas
  • Disengage engines if whales appear within 300 yards.

Boats to stay 100 yards from all other marine mammals (e.g. humpback whales, gray whales, sea lions and seals).

You’ve seen the flyers on the gates and at boat ramps:  Be Whale Wise outlines the rules and no-boat zones.

You can also report sightings and get information at the Orca Network.

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