Nov 21 2021

Our Boaters Advocate..RBAW

We have an organization here in Washington that was formed in 1957 to support and advocate for the recreational boating community:  RBAW-Recreational Boating Association of Washington.  They first acquired Sucia Island for boaters to prevent it from being commercially developed and they recently helped acquire Lakebay Marina (at Penrose Pt. State Park in South Sound).  They have been instrumental in keeping boater registration fees and taxes affordable.

As you know, the City of Seattle has dramatically cut the Police force and with it, the Harbor Patrol.  These are the officers that are usually first on the scene in the case of a fire or sinking.  Please check out the RBAW site for more details and how you can help.  (a link to RBAW can always be found on the right side of this Blog).

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