Jun 02 2021


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Monday another vehicle in the Shilshole parking lot got burglarized and had it`s catalytic converter stolen. We are under siege. The port has options available to combat this scourge but has not taken them.
Nor will they until we the tenants make it uncomfortable for the commissioners and the staff. One option is to salt the parking lot with the cars most targeted by catalytic converter thieves. Equip those cars with silent alarms connected to receivers in the Ports security vehicles.
The other option is to file claims against the Ports insurance carrier. The price we pay for moorage implicitly includes security for our personal property. Make the price of ignoring security for our vehicles expensive enough for the port and they will take steps to control they’re cost.
I will welcome other suggestions to this forum. Thanks. Dan Kruzich.

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Jun 01 2021

Going Cruising this Summer?

Don’t forget to ..

  • notify the marina office if you are subletting your slip
  • let the office know what car is yours and where you should park while you are gone (maybe leave a key with a neighbor in case it has to be moved)
  • make sure your car registration tabs don’t expire while you are away-you could get towed!
  • of course, make sure your boat has it’s 2022 registration stickers on it (they are due by June 30th)

Have a great summer!

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May 31 2021

Shilshole Prepares-needs a Hub Cap

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May 27 2021

National Safe Boating Week

This past week has been National Safe Boating Week and we are never to old (or experienced) to review some boater basics…

safety videos


Washington Boating Safety Course: BoatUS Foundation


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May 23 2021

Cruising South Sound

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South Sound is an underrated destination.  Most boaters head to the San Juans and points north, but south of the Narrows you will find a quiet, island dotted area that has terrific anchorages with incredible views of Mt Rainier and the Olympics.

It’s about a 5 hour run to Gig Harbor from Shilshole but break it up with a visit to Blake Is, Blakely Harbor or Quartermaster  (on Vashon).  It’s then a quick run over to Gig Harbor to wait for favorable current to go through the Narrows.

Time your southbound trip through the Narrows for a flooding current. Stay in the middle away from the bridge pylons to avoid the back eddies and to get the most push.  You’ll be surprised at your speed over ground as you zip though and how quickly you cover the distance.  You’ll pop out on the east end of Fox Island. Your cruising guides will list all possible anchorages to explore and their amenities.  Here is what we did last year… Continue Reading »

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