May 25 2020

Parking in the Marina

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Parking has always been a challenge at the marina, but even more so these days with the construction/paving and Golden Gardens closure.  A big thank you to the Port for closing off some of the entrances, the additional signage and increased enforcement.

As the paving project moves south, please be aware of the closures and patiently adapt to the frustrations and inconveniences that ensue.  They are only temporary and things will be much better when they are done.

New parking enforcement will be taking place soon…please pay attention to the changes.  As recently announced by the Port, (contact your dock captain if you haven’t heard):

  • The outer 2 rows (white markings) near the street will be free for marina guest parking. All else (blue markings) will be paid permit parking.
  • The 1 free parking 2020 permit will be mailed out to tenants that haven’t received theirs yet. The 2nd one can be paid for over the phone and picked up in the office-call first. You have til June 15th to get your permits and after that, the Port will begin towing.

A reminder-vehicles need to be moved every 15 days.  If you will be gone cruising for longer than that, please contact the marina office and then park in the outer rows as courtesy to your neighbors that are still here.

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