Jul 11 2016

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Hello Fellow Boaters,

It may have come to your attention that our blog postings has slowed to a near stop. While it is the season to take a trip away from the dock and we have fewer folks around the Marina some of us have been just run out of time and ideas.   I am speaking for myself at this moment.  I would really like to see more posts, if you value the blog as means of communication please join in.  This site sat dormant for along time, years in fact.

Please post.  You can tell about a recent experience, ideas and even questions.

By the way, Shilshole Prepares has had a major  shift in the force behind it in the last month.  Jim Doub has moved to Edmonds Marina with his lovely Sharon.  He has a few days a month here at Shilshole while his liveaboard status is confirmed at Edmonds, but he felt it was time to let others take over the program he helped to shape and care for.  If you know Jim then you know he is a hard man to keep up with.  The quality of his work and his heart will be sorely missed.  Thank you, Jim for all that you did to keep us prepared.

The Liveaboard Association’s Board has assumed the task of maintaining the Shilshole Prepares page of the Shilshole Blog.  Meetings with City of Seattle and other agencies, up dates and drill as well as information will handled by the various board members, however we could use some additional people to help out.

Volunteering is a little like orienteering  there are obstacles, but please don’t that worry you.  It is worth it and you might even have fun!

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