Dec 11 2019

Projects in Ballard

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We have all been affected these past several months by the bike trail construction (aka Missing Link, aka Ballard Multimodal) between the Locks and 24th st.  It should be done in the late spring according to SDOT.

Then, in mid-summer, SDOT will begin construction of the NW Market St Paving Project which encompasses paving, sidewalk repair, curb ramp upgrades, water main replacements and stormwater drainage improvements.

Project map

From 2020 to 2021, Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division are building an underground storage tunnel to significantly reduce the amount of polluted stormwater (from rain) and sewage that flows into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay and Lake Union from our sewer system. This will be a 2.7-mile, 18-ft diameter tunnel that will extend from Ballard to Wallingford.

An aerial map of the Ship Canal Water Quality Project site. The base map shows the projected storage tunnel location, which runs along Shilshole Avenue Northwest in Ballard to North 35th Street in Wallingford. Project areas are shown as purple boxes, sites include Ballard (located near the intersection of 24th Avenue Northwest and Northwest Market Street), East Ballard (located near the intersection of Northwest 45th Street and 9th Avenue Northwest), Fremont (located near the intersection of North 36th Street and 3rd Avenue Northwest), Queen Anne (located near the intersection of Queen Anne Avenue North and West Nickerson Street) and Wallingford (located near the intersection of Interlake Avenue and North 35th Street).

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