Dec 10 2015

Rainy day at the Laundry…..

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No one likes doing laundry.  I do not like it, but I have found that it is,  worth the trip to Kirkland to do it. The place I usually go is clean, machines work well and the owner or a family member is there all the time.  Today I could not make the trek so I gathered up the laundry & soap and headed to our marina laundry.  I was the only one there at the time I arrived and used all but two of the washers. I drove back to the boat to get stuff I had forgotten and made it back before the wash cycle was finished.

Did I mention that the Port of Seattle electrician was working at replacing ballasts for all the lighting fixtures in the laundry.  His name was Alex.  What a thoroughly pleasant fellow.  He did his work efficiently and conscientiously, working around those of us that had showed up.  He made the lights work!!!! Have not seen that much light in there since June.

By the time I was finished drying my laundry there were 5 other boaters doing their laundry including a real estate gentleman, looking for a new boat that can handle blue water;  a woman who is a writer who appreciates the environment that we live in here at the marina, animals included, and an enthusiastic young man who is a doctor, with a Bavaria 37.  He  had wonderful things to say about the world he sees for the people on our planet.   Two other folks that I did not get to talk to, sadly.

The laundry was not clean and until Alex fixed the lights it was dark.  The washing machines did not wring the clothes dry, the dryers took over and hour to dry the clothes but the best part of the experience was the people that came in and out.  Generally, I spend hours commuting to Kirkland and back and $30 to $40 dollars, every two weeks.  I want to believe that that having 50 more liveaboards is a good thing.  That we can work around the facilities overload. That the designs for the new generation of laundries and bathrooms will solve the problems we have as residents of this marina.  I want to believe that we will have a place to fold our clothes and a place to wait, that is clean and bright. As I said before I want to believe……after all this is the season of miracles, Santa Claus and good will to all!

Thank you Ned for editing this piece!

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