May 19 2020

reduced size parking spaces

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i’m hoping there are others among us who are dismayed or even outraged as i am about this matter. the old spaces were 8’5″ and the new ones are 8’0″- a reduction of 5″. this translates to a total reduction of 10″ between cars. this is going to result in more damage to our vehicles, larger vehicles to be unable to open their doors when another vehicle is parked in the middle of it’s space. the apparent idiotic reason for this is to create more parking. i have lived here for over 18 years and the only time i have had trouble parking is during the summer when unpermitted vehicles park in the marina. at those times, if i walk from t/u to r/s i will see 5-10 non-permited vehicles parked in the permit only spots.

the solution is to immediately tow these unauthorized vehicles and institute a $200 dollar ticket in addition. NOT to create more spaces to accomodate these assholes.

twice i have called jo (the person i was told was in charge of these matters) and left messages with no response from her. her # is 206 787 7301. i strongly encourage all who agree with me to call and tell her your thoughts and feelings about this.

additionally, we should start a petition to address and rectify this moronic action taken by the port. also demanding that unauthorized vehicles be IMMEDIATELY towed and recommend that on busy summer days, particularly weekends that an employee does nothing but drive through the marina to find and tow unauthorized vehicles and issue $200 fines in addition to the cost of towing. the fines alone would pay the entire salary of this position.

i have NEVER in my 18 years here seen one non-permitted vehicle towed. please feel free to contact me to discuss our options and strategy to successfully rectify this situation


206 536 0991

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